Sunday, November 21, 2010

Panache EOTD : Amethyst beauty !

Amethyst pigment (Marcelle minerals) was the one that I loved the more when I swatched it at the warehouse sale last week...It was the one responsible for my failure in the partial make up ban (One simple rule to that ban : Do NOT buy e/s anymore...easy...I ended up buying the pigment in the 6 shades available...if falling, let's just fail with "panache" !)

Quote from Wikipedia : Panache is a word of French origin that carries the connotation of a flamboyant manner and reckless courage

The daylight pic doesn't do justice to the gorgeousness of that pigment : a light purple pigment with a pink hue. I also used Snow pigment in the inner corner...

To give depth to the look I used the dark purple from the W&W Lust palette in the crease and the matte black in the outer V.

The flash picks the sparkles better ....
Mascara : Marcelle Volume precision in black
Liner : a mix between Vortex Violet smoothliner (Annabelle) and Feline khol liner (MAC)

Caro-musketeer of the make up world xxx


  1. Love this eyeshadow on you!Amethyst looks so pretty!!And you are gorgeous hun!!!

  2. good job. i love the eyeshadow color.


  3. i am now your newest follower.:D


  4. Gorgeous color!! C'est bon!! lol thats the extent of my french and here I have to facilitate a meeting in French in may so Ihave to hurry up and brush up!! BIG TIME!!

    love the purple shadow, I need makeup help badly!!!! xox J

  5. you have such long beautiful lashes!