Thursday, November 25, 2010

NOTD : sparkles and ring finger mani

I need sparkles, I need Barbie nails, I need a funky mani : Yes, I want it all !

In natural light : Revlon scented polish in Grape Icy as a base for all fingers. It's a sheer purple leaning on the pink side.

With Flash : on the ring finger, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Strobe light just for fun !

I am really so happy with the staying power of the Revlon nail polishes : they don't chip, they don't flake. They stay put for a good 3 days without looking bad (I hate an old looking mani)

Caro-back in the nail game xxx

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Panache EOTD : Amethyst beauty !

Amethyst pigment (Marcelle minerals) was the one that I loved the more when I swatched it at the warehouse sale last week...It was the one responsible for my failure in the partial make up ban (One simple rule to that ban : Do NOT buy e/s anymore...easy...I ended up buying the pigment in the 6 shades available...if falling, let's just fail with "panache" !)

Quote from Wikipedia : Panache is a word of French origin that carries the connotation of a flamboyant manner and reckless courage

The daylight pic doesn't do justice to the gorgeousness of that pigment : a light purple pigment with a pink hue. I also used Snow pigment in the inner corner...

To give depth to the look I used the dark purple from the W&W Lust palette in the crease and the matte black in the outer V.

The flash picks the sparkles better ....
Mascara : Marcelle Volume precision in black
Liner : a mix between Vortex Violet smoothliner (Annabelle) and Feline khol liner (MAC)

Caro-musketeer of the make up world xxx

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silver pigment from Marcelle : EOTD and Modcloth gorgeousness !

Inner corner : Snow from Marcelle minerals
Lid : Silver from Marcelle minerals
Outer V and crease : shimmery black from the Greed palette (Wet & Wild)
On waterline : Feline eye khôl from MAC
Mascara volume precision from Marcelle in black

Sparkles : awwwwwww, beautiful

in case you missed the awesomeness of that silver : a last pic !
I used Painterly paint pot (MAC) as a primer and Milk Jumbo pencil (NYX) as a base color.

Part 1 :
Un-Twill we meet again dress from Modcloth . That dress is love ...

Part 2 : the color kick !
Red patent belt : Tommy Hilfiger
Red chunky shoes : so old I can't remember where I bought them, the label is erased on the sole...
Red jewelry : Casa Luca

Part 3 : Tights: Spanx in charcoal found at Winners. those are working so well to improve your figure without making you feel like a sausage ...

Part 4 : showing a little bit of a black bra : AGRRRRRRRRRR !

Caro-mad woman xxx

Monday, November 15, 2010

The summer OOTD and Sydney's bun

As I said before, girls in blogs inspire me SO much. I saw them wearing summer dresses with tights so I decided to give it a go !

White cotton jacket : from Joe Fresh. I wore it all summer over my swimsuit. Recycling !
Red patent belt : Tommy Hilfiger
H & M floral red dress bought a 100 years ago
big white over the knee socks : Winners
Caramel boots : Sirens

And this is me ! Showing proudly my 1st attempt to a Sydney bun. I received tons of compliments for this bad boy ...I will be eternally in her debt for that !

Caro xxx

PS : Everybody in the blogosphere is doing the 30 for 30. I can't commit to such a task but I have decided that each time I wore an item from my wardrobe, I will put it away. So I'll have to use my whole closet instead of just always wearing the same stuff....Re-interpretation of the 30 for 30 if you want ...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Annabelle warehouse sale : OH MY ....HAUL !

So the beginning of November, I decided to ban some items from my shopping list such as e/s : the following picture is the proof of my complete failure :

Tell me how am I supposed to resist pigments at 2$50 ? And who are you to judge (faking sobs in her voice) ?

As usual my swatches are of mediocre quality but I don't photoshop...

Pigments' description from left to right (Marcelle's minerals)
Amethyst : a gorgeous shimmery lilac with pink undertones (2$50 remember ?)
Snow : a immaculate white, fantastic for the inner corner (2$50 again...)
Silver : obviously a silver metallic pigment (for only 2$50, must I add...)
24 karat : a true gold (the one I 've been searching forever : not orange, not yellow, pure gold for 2$50)
Bronze : a rich copper color completely washed out in the pic (can't believe I picked it for 2$50)
Sapphire : a bright blue, my absolute favorite ( so for 15 $ aka less than a MAC pigment, I have those fantastic colors....)

Liners' description from top to bottom : it's getting even better (1$50 for each items listed below):

Smoky blue Smudgeliner: a dark navy liner infused with black. I can't believe I nearly didn't pick it : it's the same quality as my favorite Smudgeliner (Rich chocolate) and it's a nice alternative to the harshness of black. A definite favorite of mine !
Extra celestial Smudgeliner : a pale teal color. I can't see myself using it now cause it screams summer but we'll see.
Green tease Smudgeliner: a dirty, mossy gold. I used it today on my lower lashline. I's an amazing alternative to a white pencil (I can't wear white on my lower lash line, it looks so fake on me). The golden color just add a pop : the eye looks much more awake !
Envy Smudgeliner : gorgeous olive color. I am a big fan of Olive EOTD and I never found a color like that for a liner. I am so excited to try this one with Club (MAC) : it's his twin in a liner form

I also bought :
- an adorable mini Kabuki fro 25 cents (I should have picked 3-4 of them : it's awesome for the under eye area, the contour of the nose...)

- 2 bottles of Soothing Cleansing Water : it's working as well as my beloved but expensive Bioderma

- 2 mascaras : Volume precision in black is my Holy grail mascara.

- 3 sets of skincare : it was crazy I bought the 2 sets in the plastic boxes for about 10 $ each and a third one was offered for free : I picked the luxurious set with the pretty crocodile look. I am set for the whole year for 9$( price of the green set : hydrating one) + 13 $ (price of the orange set : Hydra C). You have a day cream, a foaming cleanser, an exfoliant and an eye make up remover in the 1st set while in the 2nd you find : a day cream, a night cream, a cleanser and an eye make up remover. In the luxurious set : day cream, eye cream, foaming cleanser and exfoliant. Make the addition : for 22$, it's unbeatable !

- a Haute Gold bronzer back up as I hit pan on my previous one : Holy grail contour bronzer for me !

I went with Gen, a friend and we had a blast : people were amazingly nice over there in spite of the crowd. The Haute Gold bronzer was missing when we arrived but when I asked for it, a sale associate took the time to try and find one for me....There were people all over the place and she took the time to find a 1$50 item for me, I was voiceless (MAC SA , can you note that please ?)
Sad part of the story, Gen said that she will never, ever go to a sale with me cause I stuffed her bag with everything I love from Annabelle-Marcelle and it seemed that I am a very persuasive SA !!! HAha

Have a nice Sunday evening

Caro-bankrupted xxx

Friday, November 12, 2010

the H&M effect : ruffle and floral OOTD !

Blooper ! I found the pic funny so I posted it...bare with me , it's Friday and I am exhausted after an horrendous week at work. I think I'd found Mary Poppins sense of humor completely hilarious today so ....

The H&M addiction :
Black cardi : H&M from the last spring collection. It has 2 buckles on the side to secure the draping, it's absolutely comfy but not slouchy...good buy: 20 $ if I remember well !
Floral dress by H&M : seen on Anh's blog. I just found it was adorable without being too much...And when she said it was 16$95, well..., I couldn't resist. I said it was a dress but for me it's just a tunic as it barely covers my butt ! Nothing that a good pair of black leggings cannot solve though... (H&M again)

The non H&M items :
Big, hot grey wool socks found at Winners
Caramel boots from Sirens
Jewelry from Le Chateau : earrings were removed before pictures because I developed an allergy to them (what can I say, I need gold!....Does nobody understand that I am PRECIOUS ?)

I would have never worn socks over my boots' line before the blogging thing. Reading beauty posts made me try fashion stuff that I would have never thought about by myself. Thanks Kendi, Jodi, Sydney, style underdog, Chloe, Anh and all the other beautiful ladies that opened my eyes on a world of "try it, you'll like it !"

See ! Big military belt worn over a ruffled dress : it works and "that's the way , doudoudoudoud, I like it, doudoudoudoud" (can you see the booty shake....ruffles flying in the air ?)

What with the face ?

I am such a baby !

Caro-mature and respected woman xxx

PS : I needed to ventilate my week at work, can you feel it ?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

OOTD : Lara Croft and EOTD : Pixiwoo's

Yesterday, I HAD to go to the Annabelle Warehouse sale but I was short in time as we had to meet friends for a casual supper later in the day ....
So I decided to pick a comfortable outfit to fight the crowd but I had to glam it up for the night so I put on my new fierce boots :
Jacket : Patrice Breal collection (gift from mum !). I love it : I've been wearing it non stop since I got it. It's in linen, it's kaki, it has gorgeous military details (zippers, metallic buttons...) : what's not to love ?
Shirt : in taupe color from Cassis. I bought the shirt for 5$ last winter at the end of the season. It was on the clearance section and a button was missing (for 5$, I ca sew a button !)
Green military pants : Winners . I am a "dress" girl but sometimes I find some pants that don't make me look like a 10 year old boy so I splurge !
Cream boots : Loooooooooooooove them to death. I fell dangerous and Sexy in those. Winners again for 50 $ ! (because there is a stain the size of an ant on the right calf ! Woop, woop in my cart ...)
Big chunky belt and jewelry : no name brand (offered by mum ...again !)

This 2nd pic was taken by hubby discovering a new passion : fashion photographer. He was quite into it, yelling orders : walk, turn, spin, jump ...(Jump ???? in heels ???)
So I obeyed like a nice little wife I am and walked...

Last pic of the outfit : just for the pleasure of showing off my beloved boots !

Make up now ! I copied this look from Pixiwoo. I am such a big fans of the sisters, they are so amazing ...

Products used :
MAC fluidline in rich ground as a base
Sleek palette in Storm for e/S
Marcelle Volume Precision in Black
Annabelle smoothliner in rich chocolate
Rimmel vintage pink on lips

Caro- Lara Croft xxx

PS : lot of damages done at the Annabelle warehouse sale (I went a little bit crazy...). Post is coming soon with swatches ...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dior, why did you let me down ?

Part I of my sad story (let the kids out of here, it can be a pretty traumatic tale) : In October, I reached the very respectable age of 36 years-old. My mum in a courageous attempt to soothe the pain send me a DIOR Ultra smooth High Impact eyeshadow in Blue declic (226). When I saw the little velvet pouch, I squealed with delight...Then I spent the next 5 minutes trying to open the d?%$n box. As I am a very determined woman, I ended up opening the little blue case with a knife ....I should have understood the sign...

Part II : I again clapped my hands together in an enthusiastic cheer when I saw the e/s in the pan : a baby blue metallic color. I washed my hand frantically then tried to swatch the AWESOMENESS just for the pleasure of swatching...Oups : nothing showed off on my disappointed finger. I laughed in denial and checked a 2nd time to make sure I got rid of the plasticky protector over the e/s : None....(36, remember : Alzheimer is not far away, I have to double check everything...)

Part III : In a last desperate gesture, I grabbed my best patting brush and decided to do a look with that DIOR little treasure (28 $ at Sephora people ! It just must be good, right ?). OH despair, OH tears, I had to scratch the e/s so hard to get a glittery , patchy, sheer, ridiculous amount of gritty GLITTERS....GLITTERS (reminder to readers : abusive amount of negative adjectives and bold letters are a poor representation of infuriated MUA's state of mind)

Part IV : the freaking fantastic mascara (Marcelle Utimate Lash in Navy), the outer V , crease and highlight e/s (Navy blue-sparkling blue-beige color from the Wet and Wild Pride palette) and the Covergirl liner cost less $$$ than the sheer DIOR mess on my lid. How frustrating is that conclusion , kids ?

Lesson learned !

Caro-disappointed high end consumer (gift receiver to be completely honest) xxx

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Minnie mouse OOTD and a mystery solved !

H&M dress bought in sale : 20$ reduced to 17$ because the left strap around the shoulder was un-sewed...I found the dress to be too short so I released the hem and gained about 5 cm....and here you go , you have a work appropriate dress for less than 20 $!
Joe Fresh T-shirt and shoes : less than 5 and 10 S in sale
Opaque black tights.....

Gosh I love that dress : it will be perfect, worn on its own in summer !

JOTD : stolen from my 8-year-old daughter. Yes, I know, bad mum, bad, very bad mum ! (I also stole Halloween candies but only to prevent them from decays...See ! good mum !)

and TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Juicy tuesday solved the mystery of Satin Taupe e/s for me ...It was always looking bleh on me : I was so disappointed because this MAC e/s is supposed to be perfection. Black base, kids, black base is the ultimate answer to your prayers...The look is not as good as hers because I had a 10 hour wear of it but go and watch her tutorial, she'll convince you (Plus she is Canadian, yeah !)

Caro- Minnie Mouse kind of girl xxx

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

black coffee with a little cream ...

Big head !

Little body !

EOTD : Sorry, I am washed out by the flash but I did the pics after work and it was already too dark to capture the true colors
I am using again the Wet and Wild palettes :
grey (lid) and beige(highlight) from the Lust palette
shimmery black (crease) and the matte black (outer V) from the Greed palette

a black skirt with different layers : I can't remember where I bought this...
black top with creamy bow : Joe Fresh
Tights : Spanx in charcoal found at Winners for half the price
Shoes : Joe fresh (same bow as the sweater !)

JOTD : bracelet and earrings from Le Chateau . I grabbed those for a fraction of the price because I asked for a rebate as there were some places were the plastic was showing white spots. A few strokes of black nail polish later, they both look brand new !

Caro - caffeine addict xxx

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hitting pan and buying ban ....

So The first person introducing me to the hitting pan phenomenom was Musing on beauty . It means you can see the pan out of your e/s box aka you are nearly finished with it !

You traditionally hit pan on shampoos, soap, perfume ....But, really, hitting pan on e/s ? Is is even possible?...Well I just hit pan on 2 of my e/s which can only mean that I've got too many of them !
Now the questions are : on what I hit pan, why, will I repurchase ?

E/S :
Shroom from MAC : perfect highlight for me, I won't repurchase as I found the perfect dupe for a fraction of the price : Helium from Annabelle
Dazzlelight from MAC : a very shimmery highlight that I loved, loved , loved but now not that much. I used to be a little bit "highlight happy" with this one, now I use it for an all over the lid color. I think it's dupable so no repurchase either

Mascara :
my HG : Marcelle Volume Precision in black. I said it before, it's my favorite mascara ever. It's my 3rd buy. If this is to be discontinued, I'll wear black as a grieving widow for a year !

Liner :
an old , old pencil from Covergirl. Sadly it's discontinued : it was the perfect navy color for the waterline, smooth and creamy. It never moves from the sad !

Primer :
TFSI : it' s been gone for a while now. It's an HG product too ...But I have a painterly painpot (MAC) that I want to finish before I give myself the right to repurchase that awesome product...

Benefit products:
Browzing in dark : love it, will repurchase...I don't know what I was doing with my brows before this little palette came into my life. It changed the way my make up looks : so much cleaner and professional looking !
Bluff dust : a yellow powder that was supposed to control the rosiness of my cheeks. I was not convinced at all. I replaced it with the Prep and prime finishing powder from MAC which I simply ADORE...

Blush and bronzer :
NYX blush in Angel : perfect, perfect, perfect ...Sadly , once I'll run out of it, I'll have to go through my ridiculous stash of blushes that collects dust since I discovered that particular blush ! How come a 10 $ blush works so much better on me than a 40$ blush (Yes, I talk about you, Orgasm (NARS)...)
Zebra bronzing powder in haute gold from Annabelle

Can you see I am a Juicy Couture addict ? I tried the 3 latest ones ! Now I am currently using Peace, Love, Juicy. Those perfumes are all so feminine ! I love them all even if they are quite different one from another. Most importantly for me : they don't change fragrance on me. Let me explain : I tried Happy from Clinique once and it smelled like vomit on my skin (I swear it's true), Shalimar from Guerlain makes me smell like pepper, a Lush vanilla perfume turned out to smell like those cheap little trees you put in your car to hide the smell of gaz ! So, I am more than happy to tell you, those Juicy perfumes stay true all day long on my weird skin ....

Hair :
the discover of the summer : I tried just a little bottle because of the ridiculous price of that Moroccan Oil. I must admit it smells amazing, it makes the hair look shiny and healthy. I will repurchase the big bottle as soon as I can !

Now, to the banning plan : I have gone through my collection to try and find products I hit pan on...Gosh, this is ridiculous ! I clearly have e/s for the 10 coming generations of women after me...It 's just the same for blushes, lipglosses and lipsticks !
So the deal is for those 4 particular kinds of items : I am on a ban...
I'll just repurchase basics if I hit pan.
Tell me how come I am supposed to do that when the hollidays' palette are popping every single day !

Caro-let's be strong xxxx