Tuesday, May 25, 2010

bloody lips and plummy eyes : a No-No ?

MUA, reading the make up bible. rule 1 : never (EVER) do a bold eye with dark lips


EOTD : This color on my eyes is may be my favorite color ever. It's a faces cosmetics' one which number is a mystery to me ! I don't know why some companies use numbers for e/s (We want pretty names ....rule number 2 of make up : stupid marketing names are impossible to resist for a make up junkie...and a number is never funky !)

FOTD : Lips are Sparkling Orchid (see Pretty ! not WYZ304) from NYX. A dark bold purple lipstick that I like so much...

Have a wonderful night, readers !

Caro-breaking laws of make up xxx


  1. I think it's nice for a night out!:D

    Have a wonderful night too!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. I believe it's a beautiful combination!

  3. I like it Caro. There are no rules in makeup as long as you like how it looks on you. Besides, makeup artists break the rules all the time.

  4. You look gorgeous with this lipstick!Dark ones are so into you!!Cheers!

  5. I say we BREAK those stupid rules! And in the words of Fran├žois Nars: "If you can pull off dramatic eyes AND lips, go for it!"

  6. I think its a yes yes! Rules are made to be broken! And makeup rules are all bollocks anyway! Do what you like - you look gorgeous x

  7. @ everyone : aren't we rebels ??? AGRRRR, James Dean was just a follower compared to us rules' breakers ...mouhahhahaha

    Caro ready to put cloths to dry outside (I told you, fierce life, my friends ....) xxx

  8. I know I can't pair a strong lip with a dark eye but you really pulled this one off Caro! It's a gorgeous look on you and not too overdone at all.
    Your lipstick matches your top nicely and I love the eyeshadow colour you have on - it's a very versatile purple grey colour :)