Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am a fake bohemian !

I was inspired by Eden to do this look as she said that the Cranberry color from the Bohemian Sleek palette was melting like a dream into the purple. So I had to try ! I went out with some of my colleagues friday night so I decided to make it a little bit dramatic : thick eyeliner and false lashes !

JOTD : big earrings offered by my friend Cassandra. She said they were too heavy for her ear lobes and she gave them to me. Hello, babies (steamy voice)... Welcome to my family! My ear lobes could reach the floor, I'd still sport them as they are GORGEOUS (Cassie, you're my hero! Giving your goodies to adoption is such a noble gesture haha). The necklace is the charm taken from my Juicy couture perfume bottle (Viva La Juicy)

TFSI : primer
Bohemian sleek palette using the cranberry and the purple color
Wedge (Mac) to blend
Helium (Annabelle) : highlight
false lashes : Annabelle

Lips :
NYX round lipstick in Ceto

Skin :
Zebra bronzer (Annabelle) in little touch on the forehead, as a contour for cheeks and sides of the nose
NYX blush in Angel

Hope everything is going well for you all

Caro-the gypsy xxx


  1. Wow the earrings are stunning and your FOTD fabulous!Lovely pictures hun!!!Hugs and kisses!

  2. Ah, those colours are faaaaaaaabulous on you! I'm still in love with that combination!

  3. LOL - you're so funny Caro! I laughed with your steamy voice impression ;)
    Love the earrings and yes, the cranberry does look very nice with the purple. Oh and I didn't know Annabelle does fake lashes now! Is that a new thing?

  4. Wow the false lashes look gorgeous!!

  5. I found the false lashes at the Annabelle warehouse sale but I never found them in the regular line...They are easy to put one and they look quite natural, I love them !
    Thank you everybody for your nice comments ...

    Caro xxx

  6. Wow, I love the eyes! It looks gorgeouss