Thursday, May 27, 2010

a swatch of red lust on the lips...

So a few days ago , I bought Rimmel Red Lust. I am not wearing red on the lips on a regular basis as my lips are too tiny to sport red properly. This lipstick is a good option for tiny-lipped-girl like me as the color is really buildable from sheer red-coral to orangey-red... Hum orangey-red : not sure I make it sound sexy !!! I had the image of orange lipstick and old nannies that flashed in my brain....But I really like it. Plus, it kept my lips moistured so this is definitively a keeper in my book.

Today no EOTD as yesterday it was 40 C in Montreal...all sweaty and sticky so , I just sticked to basics and it was not that interesting to publish....

have a beautiful day, beautiful ladies

Caro - heading to the hair dresser and scared to death xxx

PS : trauma over hair cuts will be discuss later ....


  1. Oh what a beautiful colour :) I wonder if it's a good dupe for MAC Viva Glam Cyndi :)

    And let us know how your haircut was! And include pics! ;)

  2. It's a rather nice red on your lips. Rimmel always surprises me with the high quality of their products. Can't wait to see your new haircut Caro!

  3. Hi Caro! Haha - yes I always get pretty nervous before going to get my hair done especially since the one hair stylist I trusted with all my heart had moved out of town two years ago :( Looking forward to pictures of your new hair style!
    The Rimmel Red Lust is a gorgeous colour on you Caro. And Suzy is right I think - it does look like Viva Glam Cyndi which I have.
    Wow 40C in Montreal?! Sheesh and I'm complaining about melting in our 30 C weather ;)