Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't believe the hype !

I love those videos on youtube....May be more than the raving ones because it saves me money ;-) So as I am a superstar of blogspot AND a big authority in make up , I decided to do my own post (mouhahahahah)!

here comes the list of not-so-loved but bought in a whim products:

Metrochic OPI nail polish : Don't throw pebbles, please! I am not saying that it's bad...It's ultimately fashionable, you always get a comment on your nails when you wear it (most of the comments : classy nail varnish and such an original color).BUT, I find it a nightmare to apply, it seems to shrink on my nails (?!!!). SO the formula is not worth the $$$ invested in my honest opinion ....

NARS Orgasm blush : Again, I know this one is praised all over the make up galaxy...It supposed to work on every skin tone...and be the most flattering flush of the universe...May be a peach-pink blush is just not working that well on me? It was supposed to be my everyday blush... Frankly, NYX Angel IS my everyday blush.

MAC Satin taupe e/s : again one of the stapple in a make up collection, it is said ...Well, first, I find it can be duped. Second, it can look muddy on the lid if overblended. Pretty? Yes ! Worth the hype? No !

MAC Feline khol liner : amazing black color, amazing staying power on my watery lower lash line....but such a mess, it smudges everywhere....I wanted so much to love this one and I still wear it because it's such an intense black liner but it is high maintenance and I don't want to rush to the bathroom every 30 min to see if I don't look like a raccoon....

MUFE aqua eyes collection : Those colors are so beautiful....on my hand when swatched...But, they don't want to stay on my waterline....BUMMER !

Revlon photoready foundation: I don't find the staying power to be impressive. Frankly, I prefer the colorstay for high coverage and my new find Annabelle Skintrue foundation for light coverage...Photoready will be used but mixed with other foundations to do the trick and I don't like complications at 7am ! Deception !

Bluffdust from Benefit : it is supposed to reduce the redness...Not working, looking powdery, expensive. I now use it when it is hot just dusted on my T zone...but again other products delivers better than that for a fraction of the price....

Voluminous mascara : not pictured there as I tossed it with rage. I HATE this mascara...I guess this is very clear hahaha

This post was inspired by Lipstick rules as she said sometimes she's so enthusiastic about a product and then : END OF LOVE STORY....I recognise myself so much in this !

Have a wonderful week end, lovelies and don't forget to enter my GIVE AWAY

Caro-love and hate relationship with her make up goodies xxx


  1. Orgasm is totally overrated. (I mean the blush, obviously, ;-p), on me it only work if I put Deep Throat on it (geez, these names...), that gives a lovely result, but on its own, not worth the hype!

  2. I've heard so many mixed reactions to Orgasm...I just don't know what to think anymore :/ Maybe I'll will just try it out for myself sometime. Great post!

  3. I love those videos on YT as well.
    I have to agree with you on Nars Orgasm & Mac Feline.

  4. I'd much rather be told what it utter crap by youtube gurus, especially with high end stuff. Obviously its all someones opinion, but 'No, this doesn't blend well' is a better reason to NOT buy something than 'oooh, pretty!' is a reason TO buy something.

  5. Orgasm and Feline are the 2 most reviewed products. I would have to say I like both but again to each his own. Are they must haves? No. But they are nice colors. It is refreshing to have a blogger telling it like it is from their own point of view. Love your blog!

  6. I like reading these posts as much as the rave products posts too. Definitely makes me think twice about a popular product. I have so many products that I didn't like after buying it so I should do a post on it sometime myself.
    I haven't given in to the OPI Metrochic (my MAC Hello Kitty LE grey-ish nail polish did it for me) and I won't be shelling out money for the Nars Orgasm blush. I'm sure the blush is very pretty but I think it's easily dupible. Plus I'm not that picky with blush colours.
    I have MAC Satin Taupe and don't wear it very often - so perhaps I feel the same way about it as you do!
    MAC Feline does smudge a lot and I need to seal it with black eye shadow to help prevent that (I use Urban Decay zero eye shadow to do it). I know it's a bit of work. And it's actually not any blacker than MAC Smolder since I have both....I was bought into it thinking it was blacker than Smolder.
    I only ever bought one MUFE eye liner and that was it. For some darn reason it kept breaking everytime I sharpened it. I literally only got a few uses out of it because of it. I think I must have gotten a bad one somehow but those liners are pricey!
    I LOVE Revlon Colourstay foundation. I haven't bought the photoready one before but thank you for letting us know your opinion on it. If it's not better than colourstay, then I'll stick with colourstay. It's probably difficult to find a foundation better than colourstay - except for the fact that the range of colours is quite limited :\
    Was it the L'oreal Voluminous mascara that you didn't like? It's my favourite mascara- but I do have to use a Tweezerman Lash comb in conjunction with it or else I have crazy spidery clumpy lashes!

  7. Great post (and thank you for the shout out!) Agree with you on Satin Taupe (I like it but I don't think it's the best shadow out there in terms of this type of colour); Revlon PHotoready (it's okay for a drugstore brand but staying power sucks); and MAC Feline (I have watery eyes and this definitely gives me racoon eyes).