Sunday, May 2, 2010

April's favorites ? All time favorites reviews !

So As I had a post about hate yesterday...I decided to be full of love today! So here are my favorite products. Don't get too excited, though ! Nothing is brand new, nothing is limited edition. It is just products that :
1- I use on a VERY regular basis
2- Never disappoint me
3- I will repurchase once finished

LUSH big shampoo : Short and sweet nails is the one to blame here....She speaks highly about LUSH, so I had to take a look and came back with this strange E.T shampoo made of salt. For 1 month, I've been using it 2 times a week with the RETREAD conditioner on my very damaged long hair. What a change !!!! Shinny hair, where were you during all this years ? I was used to buy shampoo on sale as I use tons of them, but I'll be happily spending my money again on the combo retread-big once finished....FANTASMABULOUS !

Juicy couture perfume : May be you can't recognise the bottle as I decapitated the charm at the top to make it a necklace (isn't MUA a crafty girl ?). I did the same to my Viva La Juicy bottle (Don't bother, I did that to my Barbie dolls once a kid, it 's kind of a tradition too me !). Those 2 fragrances smells gorgeous. I prefer the original version but both smells amazing. Both are really girly perfumes so if you want more mature scents just go away , they are not for you !

Favorite lip combo : the weird and purple-pink Power from NYX topped with the Sephora gloss in precious pink: swatched there. It's the nuder I can go on my lips without looking like a corpse...The gloss has a strange and very strong scent though, so swatch it on your hand if you head to Sephora cause it can be overwhelming.

Favorite mascara : Marcelle Volume precision. This mascara is perfection : it elongates and gives volume. It never clumps even if you layer it over and over again. It's holy grail material...But you know that if you read me on a regular basis and this is why , I put in in my give share the LOVE !

Favorite powder : Annabelle powder foundation. this is a mineral foundation , so on my lazy days, I just put my primer on (Monistat chaffing gel)and spread the powder over it with a flat top brush. The coverage is awesome for a powder foundation...The other way to use it is dabbed over my liquid foundation as a setting powder with a Kabuki brush. As I said in a previous post, I received compliments on my skin last month...Each time, I was wearing this powder ! Coincidence ? I don't care ! It became a staple product for me as soon as I made the connection...You can see how it works there. The girl is pretty good to explain but the guy holding the camera is sneezing and coughing all video long, it makes me laugh...(I am easy to entertain!)

Favorite e/s : Graffiti from Annabelle. A stunning black e/s infused with sparkles.Easy to blend, perfect in the outer V to glam a smokey eye. It is given in my give away too and swatched there. In fact, I love all Annabelle e/s ...

Hope this will be helpful for my Canadian readers. For the US bloggers, come across the border, we are fun people and we have great make up. For my European lovelies, Canada is wonderful to discover in summer (hollidays anyone ?)

Caro-raving about her goodies xxx

PS : disclaimer : The Annabelle powder was won in a contest so I didn't pay for it...but I will repurchase if I run out so it qualifies to my rules at the beginning. Marcelle is a cosmetic brand affiliated to Annabelle. And Annabelle sent me free products to review (Still following me ?). But, I purchased this mascara with my own money and will continue if big authorities have nothing against that (Capiche ?). Annabelle e/s were also purchased with my own money...I swear , spit and everything that this review is honest !


  1. Lovely post and the perfume looks gorgeous!!!I need to try it!!!

  2. Hi Caro! I love to hear what people's favourite products are.
    I haven't tried the Lush Big Shampoo or the Retread conditioner - but it sounds good and I'll have to keep it in mind. I actually found a really good shampoo and conditioner myself recently - it's by a brand called Shiseido and it's super moisturizing!
    I loved your Juicy Couture charm perfume necklace! I use to decapitate barbie heads too LOL. Although I never wore a barbie's head as a necklace - that would be freaky!
    Hmmm...I'm going to check out the Annabelle foundation - if you get compliments on something all the time then it must be good :)