Monday, May 24, 2010

a little Haul and 2 swatches ....

A fun summery bag from Aldo. I like the shape. I can't afford a Speedy From LV (LOVE and drooling) but this little bag makes me happy !

3 new nail varnishes from JOE : a pastel yellow, a pale blue and a dark shimmery deep blue. I did a NOTD with the Pastel yellow yesterday. 3 for 10 CAD $. doudoudoudoudou......

2 Rimmel lipsticks : Vintage pink ( a dusty rose with a purple hue), Red lust (mid coral-mid red)

LUSH shampoo in Cynthia La Belle Brune. I had a sample of this one when I purchased BIG shampoo and I had to come back to pick it up. The smell is weird but it makes the hair so shiny and soft !!!

Hope you had a good Monday

Caro-bag-happy xxx


  1. Great haul! That bag is so cute! I really love the print on it.

  2. Great haul!!And the lipsticks look so beautiful!Well love the lighter color!I'm not yet so bold to wear dark!!

  3. I freaking love vintage pink, can't wait to see it on you!

  4. I love Rimmel lisptick :). Great haul! :* I recently watch your blog but not always comment :)

  5. Oh I saw that bag at Aldo the other day. It's very cute! I do love the shape of the bag as well. Got myself a fake LV speedy ;)
    I haven't tried any of the Joe nail polishes. Do they hold up pretty well (like 2-3 days of wear)?