Saturday, May 22, 2010

a flower inspired make up : MAC pigments

So I was inspired by the lilac in my garden as you can see. They smell absolutely gorgeous and they stand all around my patio so when we eat outside , we're surrounded by a wall of smell and gorgeous grape of flowers ! Hummmmm.....

You probably know that I don't buy MAC products at the moment because of the poor customer service I had at my MAC store. But before the divorce (!), I had time to accumulate things. I have the full custody of the babies mouhahahaha. So my best buy was probably the Xmas pigment set in Cool Capers : Kitschmas, Fuschia, Grape, Deep blue green piggies and Transparent teal glitter. For around 40 CAD $ , you can't go wrong. As I am just a junkie for make up and rarely use my stuff to do anyone else EOTD, it's such a perfect way to discover pigments without having a big container....

TFSI as a primer
NYX jumbo pencil in milk all over the lid as a base color
Kitschmas in the inner corner. Very flattering, makes you look wide awake !
Grape in the outer V.
Note that I had no time to foil them so they were applied dry. They must look even shinier when apply wet !
Helium (Annabelle) as an highlight with Vanilla e/s (MAC) just above the brows
Ardene metallic violet liquid liner

SKIN :shiny land , sorry. Very late in the morning so no setting powder....
Annabelle skin true foundation in medium beige
Contour with the new Annabelle zebra bronzer (been using it everyday since I received it....such a good product. Oups , annabelle did it again (singing with Britney nosy voice....) !
NYX Angel blush
LIPS : my new Rimmel Vintage pink. It was in sale ...I had to try it....Bought Lust Red to : such a nice color between red and coral...couldn't find Kiss me that RaeRae and Beautiful keep raving about (big disappointment !)

If you look at the background of my FOTD pic, You'll see Mister Fox alias the love of my daughter's life alias her doudou....My pics looks so professional and glamour !!! But I found it hilarious so I had to put my very serious face nearby the big red torn thingy....

Have a beautiful day !

Caro-preparing herself for making over a friend tomorrow (yehaaaaaaaaaaaa) xxx


  1. Very pretty look. I didn't even notice the toy in the background until you pointed it out.

  2. I adore scent of lilac and adore your make up skills!

  3. Love the lilac make up and its so into you!!You look great doll!!Cheers!