Sunday, May 23, 2010

Helicopter inspired make up : Pink and yellow !

The weather is absolutely fantastic here....Sunny, warm, breezy ! So with this little wind , some "helicopters" are falling from the big tree in my front garden. They are shimmery pink and yellow and I decided to copy them ! Helicopter's eyes ... No war related though, all peace and love !

Then I decided to spice up this look as it was a little too soft for my liking. I added a fierce liner with dots underneath...

I did my nails too with a new varnish I bought a few days ago. For my Canadian followers, it's sold in Maxi and Loblaws. The make is JOE Fresh. This color is a pretty pastel yellow. The application was a nightmare : you have to hold the big round cap and the brush is too short and fluffy.... But the color is really nice. I Konaded it in the evening with dots and a pink Konad special polish (the one with the Coraline KIT) : well that's a neon pink and I 'm not a big fan...My nails are so short , it's almost painful, they break and split like crazy...I started Vit B complex and Omega 3 : I'll keep you posted on the efficacy.

Have a wonderful sunday !

Caro-wondering how she's gonna have her hubby to BBQ (satanic laugh) xxx


  1. That looks very pretty on you, great inspiration!
    Tell the hubby you're not making dessert anymore until he obliges :)

  2. Look original! J'aime ^^

    Je ne savais pas que Joe Fresh avait un vernis JAUNE! J'adore le vernis jaune ^^

  3. Lovely nails. Did you get the hubby to BBQ yet? Tell him, a little bit of BBQ will get you lots and lots of sweets ;)

  4. I love the combination of colors! Beautiful!

  5. Love the little dots on the liner! x

  6. @ Musing : dessert was already done (banana bread). we had BBQ though, nice hubby !

    @ Gaby : 3 pour 10 $ , imbattable mais epouvantable à appliquer (gros bouchon et pinceau dégueu....) J'ai aussi acheté un bleu métallisé et un bleu mat pastel....

    @ natural : you naughty girl ....

    @ zombie : my make up is never as flawles as yours !