Monday, May 17, 2010

A weird combo and the proof nothing stays on my waterline...

The first picture is absolutely ugly but I wanted you to see the point ! Nothing stays on my $%?&/$" waterline...This is a GOSH pencil and the color is so gorgeous, I hate that I can't use it properly. I tried the MUFE ones: same result. The color migrates into the lashes so you have the splash of color but nothing left on the waterline ARGHHHHHHHHH. The only ones that stays put is :
- Feline Khol from MAC but it smudges like crazy
- Annabelle smoothliner but I just have the rich chocolate one....So I am stuck with 2 basic colors and a whole bunch of crazy beautiful colors that I can't use ! END OF RANT !

Eyes : This weird combo is not a favourite of mine : the colors clashes against each other in an unflattering way. I should have limited it to pink (Hepcat from MAC) and green (Greed from Annabelle). But I'll learn from my mistakes

Lips : I am getting used to GOSH darling as long as I mix it with other lipsticks. I even offered a new one to my friend Cassie (the generous one that gave me her earrings) as she said she never saw a color that flattering a day I was sporting it ! And I said in a previous post that it was an over-rated product (silly, silly me !)

Have a wonderful week ladies !

Caro - waiting for your advice on pencils that "tatoo" the waterline ;-) xxx


  1. Have you tried the Urban Decay 24/7 liners? Those stay on my waterline all day, and I'm like you, liners seem to just disappear an hour after I've put them on!

  2. I second makeup zombie, they stay on my waterline better than anything else and when I set them with a powder they last really well. A bit migrates off on the outer corner of my eye but pretty good staying power.

    Too expensive for me, so I just have the black one :(

    As for Gosh Darling, I love it but not so much on me!

  3. My Sephora doesn't have the Urban Decay line...So I'd need to order online and you need to buy for 10000000 $ to have the free delivery in Canada...

    May be I'll order anyway ?

    Caro xxx

  4. Hi Caro :) Thanks for your support with my screwed up false lash order.
    I know this makeup look isn't the most flattering for you (or anyone!) but the fun thing about makeup is that it washes off's okay to have off days :)
    I have MAC Feline and I use MAC Feline on my waterline at the moment. And on my lashline I use MAC Blitz and Glitz fluidline. I know it sounds like a lot of work but I then seal both with Urban Decay zero eye shadow using an angled liner brush and that does the trick to stop the smudging - plus it stays on pretty much all day on me :) Have you tried to seal your liner with a black shadow?
    Oh and I just saw your last comment. OMG your Sephora does not carry Urban Decay?!! What's wrong with that Sephora? LOL. Darn, my advice won't help. I find that the Urban Decay zero shadow is better than the MAC carbon eye shadow (which I also have) because it's more pigmented.

  5. I think everyone's already mentioned it here but definitely check out Urban Decay liners. They might work a bit better for you.

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