Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Margharita lips, JOTD and sunset eyes !

I was inspired by the beautiful Dulce Candy on Youtube to do a sunset eye. A little less dramatic though : no false lashes and no black liner. It was still very glittery and metallic but it doesn't show properly in the pics. I tried to picture my face in the bright sunshine but I was making crazy faces so they are not really publishing-able .....HAHA

TFSI as a primer
NYX Jumbo pencil in Gold as a base color
Copper pigment from GOSH on the lid
Rust e/s from NYX in the crease
Helium from Annabelle as an highlight
a plum from the Faces cosmetics (number unknown) over the waterline and in the outer V to give some depth. A MUFE pencil in a plum color on the waterline...

Lips :
NYX mauve lipliner
NYX Margharita lipstick (from the tube it's scary orange but quite sheer on the lips so no clown effect...Oups, I hope not !)
NYX sheer gloss (orange too , no name found....)

earrings done by me ...An old necklace that I dismembered to do those Chinese little lanterns...Not really lanterns but I don't know why, it makes me think of those big red paper balloons that you can see in some Asiatic movies ???

I was asked by 2 blogger friends to do some TAGS : lovely violet and OMsNazO . Thanks lovelies, I'll be working on it ;-)))

Have a beautiful night full of shooting stars and crazy dreams

Caro-yawning in front of the computer (it's 8 pm I am a grandMa !!!!) xxx


  1. warm and pretty! Your jewelery is always so gorgeous!!

  2. Hi Caro :)
    I love how you actually make some of your jewelry - even the necklaces you made from your perfume bottle caps! And yeah the earrings def look Chinese lattern-ish inspired.
    I love this warm sunset look on you. It's pretty - the gold/copper is a nice combo.
    Oh and I just gave you another tag to work on ;)
    Looking forward to your post!
    Have a lovely day.

  3. Those earrings are so pretty! I love the FOTD too, the eyes look stunning :)