Friday, October 29, 2010

a manly OOTD : pink biker !

I like to mix and match pieces of cloth that were not meant to meet !
A pink sheer top from Le château bought 4-5 years ago in an outlet
Black straps from hubby
Jeggings from RW&CO : who knew that one day, I'll wear those. I used to say that they were ugly, not classy, ultimately uncomfortable and You'll never see me in those blablabla....Now I admit, I'd sleep in those if I could !
Pink boots from Payless : bought 4-5 years ago and so torn it's not even decent to wear them but I can't resolve myself to throw them away...

I couldn't resist posting this 2nd pic , even though it doesn't flatter my butt ( but hey, let's get realistic my future as a top model was quite dark even before this pic !)... So, where were we?....Oh, yes ! I posted the pic because my 8 year old is my photographer and said : mum your jacket is on the floor and you always say we mustn't DO that....She cracks me up...She is such a sweet nice tyrant !

And ready to go out in the wind (so cold today in Montreal !).
Black leather jacket from La City bought 10 years ago when I used to leave in Paris....A basic stays a basic, doesn't it ?
Pareo used as scarf : offered by mother in law (official sponsor of my scarf collection ...)

Caro-working this week end (but night off for Halloween night with the kids : yeah !) xxx


  1. Wow j'adore cet outfit! Et les bottes!!! =D

  2. This is really cute and chic.:D

    Have a great weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. I love your outfit Caro! The suspenders give a nice touch to the overall outfit.
    Have a fun Halloween with your young ones ;)

  4. Oh, I remember when I used to shop at Le Chateau! I love their stuff and they have great style, I just think they've become so overpriced now!

    p.s. Yay for Canadian bloggers! i just found your blog today!




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  5. Great outfit.. love your daughters comments.. too cute.. well, maybe she will have a career as a photographer? she is good :)

    I am all prepared for COLD Quebec weather.. brrr likely no outside shots without my jacket on!!! My bad is all full of thick sweaters and scarves.. Sheesh can you believe people in Victoria are still wearing shorts and t-shirt sleeves!!! I cant wait to check out the Chocolate Milk you were talking about!!! lol