Thursday, October 7, 2010

Accessories, my love !

First of all : shoes ...of course ! I bought them 3 years ago in Payless (for non Canadian girls, it's probably one of the cheapest store to find shoes...). I loved their retro vibe but found them ultimately uncomfortable back then. I guess there are still uncomfortable now but as I don't have to run after a baby and a toddler at the same time anymore, I can tolerate them....The tag said 27$99 (I still have it under the sole of my shoe !) but as Payless has BOGOs all the time , I probably grabbed them for half the price ....

Modcloth : Braid the storm belt good value for this very versatile belt. As I lost a lot of pounds, a lot of trousers are too big now, so I belt them like crazy !

Who doesn't like free jewelry ? I am such a lucky girl ! Last week end, I was working and I was feeling all gloomy (I hate working on week ends !) ...Then I looked at my computer and a colleague had left me a note saying : You'll find a little box full of jewelry I am not wearing. They need a loving home...
Isn't she a sweetheart ? Thank you Vicky !
She remembered buying the earrings at MEXX. As a pure coincidence, I had a DIY necklace that is done with the same material ! I guess it was DESTINY for me to have those earrings....

Again, a little bit of Vicky's unloved items. I already owned the white bracelet but the 3 golden ones are a perfect match.

Caro-enjoying her cheap goodies xxx


  1. c'est super class tout ça !
    + les bijoux sont super jolis !!!!!!!!! tu en as de la chance d'avoir des copines aussi gentilles !!!

  2. Nice accessories!:D

    Loving the belt!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Hi there, found out that is fake! She copied everything from :(