Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing dupes : again !

Does this trendy fall color remind you of something ?

May be Metrochic from OPI (Sephora) ?

Comparison in pictures ....

With flash, the OPI looks a little bit more Mauve than the Revlon one (Stormy). In reality, I cannot see the littlest difference : to make sure I painted half my left hand with the OPI , the other half with the Revlon one ! It is absolutely impossible to distinguish one from another ...

Now I'll have to remove the OPI as I am allergic to it but I am so happy I found a dupe ! Plus, it is 3 times less expensive...Are you tempted ?

Caro-chic cheap xxx


  1. You are so good at finding dupes!!!

  2. Oh wow good to know! I always wanted Metro Chic...

  3. Hmmmm je veux un vernis gris! J'en ai un de Avon mais il est trop pâle peu importe le nombre de couche que j'applique... Et je crois que je préfère celui de Revlon à celui d'OPI!