Saturday, October 16, 2010

Monochromatic grey : SOTD, JOTD, NOTD...

SOTD : my sweet grey pumps offered by Mother in law at Winners. That's funny, there were moments when I went there I could never find anything...Now each time I stroll the alleys, I find too many cute items. May be because I changed the store I use to go to (very messy) to a very clean and well organised new store ?

NOTD : my yesterday find. The perfect dupe for Metrochic : Stormy from Revlon ...

JOTD : a big bold necklace bought for 5 euros on a market in Europe 2 years ago ! Nice over a sheath dress to break the "formality" of the office look..

to balance the overwhelming necklace : discrete earrings from RW&Co . Sorry for the wet and crazy hair !

I wanted to do a post on the "hit pan" phenomenon but it demands a little bit of work and I am in a "Saturday kind of mood" aka I read post from other bloggers, I don't write ! Haha....

Caro-lazy blogger xxx


  1. Love your collection!!you always match everything so amazing!!
    Hugs and kisses!!!1

  2. Oh, I love shades of grey. And I'm super excited to try that nail polish, love the color!!!