Monday, October 4, 2010

Playing dupes !

I am ashamed of it but I must admit I am a little bit of a snob...I don't like that much drugstore products particularly matte e/s. But, I heard such good things about the Wet and Wild Color Icon Palettes that I had to face Wall Mart (yuck !) to go and see for myself. No swatches possible there, so I grabbed the neutral one : Vanity and the purple one : Lust. I paid 8 $ CAD for those 2 ugly big palettes ( told you I was a snob !)
Then, I swatched those little pans and decided that the beauty can all be in the inside...

Now the exciting discoveries of a lifetime : I don' t have that many MAC e/s but the pale pink is a perfect dupe for Yogurt (MAC) while the creamy white could easily replace Vanilla (MAC). I have many silvers, plums and purples but none of them are Mac so no other comparisons for the purple palette but my little finger tells me that the shimmery burgundy color could be Sketch's twisted twin (Grey's anatomy quote, girls !).

In the neutral palette , the matte pale brown is the little brother of Wedge (MAC). the shimmery off-white is Dazzlelight's (MAC) little sister and the shimmery brown is a warmer version of Twinks (MAC)

The snob in me let the nerd express herself : GOOD VALUE, YOU SNOB ! FOR 8 $ , you can't even grab 1 single pan at MAC and you have 12 e/s in here ! Shame on me ....
Swatches on my shivering skin : goose bumps pictures nicely , don't you think ? Look at those matte colors : one swipe. Pay off is awesome !

a moment of silence is needed, people ....No primer, no flash, no Photoshop : the truth just the truth, your Honor !

Caro-discovering new horizons xxx


  1. These both look great.

  2. I'm a snob, too, but that's ok, otherwise I'd be at the drugstore every night buying stuff with the excuse that it's cheaper (not that cheap here, though) and I'd go bankrupt.

    by the way, I hate you too my friend ;-))))

  3. I have the Lust palette and I was so surprised with how gorgeous it is! I really want this other palette now!

  4. he he he, they are amazing aren't they!! The mid toned matte purple is an exact dupe of MAC Fig. 1, I will swatch for you tomorrow!!!

  5. I'm seeing these all over the blog ring. Wow..if I didn't have such a bad experience with them before, I'd be tempted to pick them up.

  6. je les ai aussi ces palettes sont geniales !
    grace à la palette "vanity" j'ai pu ne pas succomber au cataclysme "naked" d urban decay :)

    vanity c est ma naked à moi :D