Friday, October 1, 2010

the mother in law OOTD : trench coat and color

OOTD : an old friend , my Kookai trench coat (hubby calls it the inspector Gadget coat...humph, this man knows how to kill the glamour !).The fabulous scarf was bought by my mother in law and it warms a too conservative coat (I wear it over my black coat as well and the splash of color always makes me happy ....)
My Tommy Hilfiger bag, a Modcloth bracelet, and Winners shoes (again offered by Mother in law...Am I not a spoiled child ????)

EOTD : I didn't even bother to picture it as I wanted to achieve a perfect cat eye and failed ....I used the highly praised NYC liner (supposedly favorite of Megan Fox....) Well, well, Megan loves it but I am not convinced...

No more posts this week end, I'll be working both days...

Caro-gogo gadget xxx


  1. Hi ya!! thanks for stopping by my blog.. its still new and I am new to this (its been about 3 months..) and I know what you mean about coworkers commenting on outfits.. its so funny but thats one thing I have noticed that is common to peoples blog comments- they all say that their coworkers comment on their outfits.. hah hah the people who share the building I work in are SO conservative, they just look at me like I was naked or something.. too funny. Those silver tights of yours sound pretty darn funky though!! Hope you have a super weekend and talk soon!!
    later gater ;)

  2. Nice coat!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. you are too cute!!! Love the shape of that coat and the scarf adds the perfect splash of color... I'm just loving orange lately :)

  4. You look ready for the fall weather. I don't think inspector gadget. I'm thinking more of NY chic :)