Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Hourglass figure : OOTD

The weather was fantastic today so we decided to "oxygenate" the whole family and went to Mont-Royal park for a big walk. I wore an old Kookai jacket : you could call it vintage, I guess, as I bought it probably 10 years ago. It came with a mini skirt that once fitted my mini bum...those days are gone ! Then I bought that longer skirt 5-4 years ago and I discovered that the color was a perfect match to the jacket : hooray !

Back of the outfit, for you to see the hat. A beret for a French girl, what can I say ? You can take the girl out of France but never France out of the girl ! I bought it in 3 colors at Aldo : grey, black and cream for 3.99 $ CAD each...They are soft and big and lovely, I couldn't resist !

Shoes and T-shirt are from JOE FRESH. I am not sure I will go on doing my grocery in Loblaws where they sell that brand as I'll tend to grab something not edible each time I pay a visit...

A cute squirrel eating a peanut....Kids had a blast running around the tree where it escaped !

Caro-faux fur friendly xxx


  1. So so classy, totally vintage and classic, I love it! You look fabulous my friend!

  2. :O Love the shoes and jacket! You look so retro and gorgeous!