Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vanity palette EOTD : endless love for W&W

From the moment I tried those Wet and Wild palette (Lust and Vanity), I swear I 've been using them non stop. They are so versatile, their pigmentation is fantastic, the staying power stellar. My only complain is that they are harder to blend than MAC e/s. But I'll survive !

EOTD : So I did a pin up look with it lately : using the shimmery white all over the lid (Dazzlelight dupe IMO). The crease color is the medium matte brown. Highlight is the beige-ish matte top color and the brown shimmery darker brown was used under the eye (easier to see on the 1st pic because on the 2nd it's completely washed out by my camera...). Liner : NYC black liner. Mascara : Marcelle Volume precision in Black.

I am so in love with those palettes that I bought Greed and Pride palettes this week end in addition to my collection. Those hues are less in my"color range" but I am curious to try them !
I also bought an e/s trio : "Cool as a cucumber" because of the beautiful pale green on the top. I am a bit curious about the fact that the word "Browbone" is engraved in that very green color : I personally see it more as a beautiful lid color than an highlight but let's stay open-minded !
Then I was enable to resist buying 2 long-lasting lipsticks : Think Pink and Mauve outta here. I'll review them later...

Caro-so sad the week end is already gone xxx


  1. Wow, il me faut une de ces palettes!!

  2. Your eyelashes are so long! Your makeup looks great!

  3. That palette is gorgeous!!!Love your look!!!
    And I find myself using it so much!!!;)

  4. Gorgeous! I have the Cool As A Cucumber palette - the top green is very sheer, I do wear it on my browbone sometimes :D

  5. @ Gaby : elles sont WATATOW !

    @ Kayla : they are so worth it ...You won't be disapointed ...

    @ Pearls : I'll change my lashes for your legs , OK ? ;-)

    @ blushing : So amazing and so cheap . As a family responsible mother, I say YEAHHHHH

    @ Robyn : I knew it, I knew it ! I should have never doubt you and your fantastic color combo (now I want to try that green under my brows !!!)

    Caro xxx