Sunday, October 10, 2010

a bad hair day ....

or a bad hair week ? My hair is acting crazy lately : no volume on top and frizzy like crazy in the length. So all week end, I put my hair in a bun and under a hat bought in 3 colors at Aldo last week. Grey for yesterday outfit ...

...Cream for today.
OOTD : a cream knitted dress, under my "rock star" coat. It reminds me of the "Almost famous" movie with Kate Hudson (the one and only film she was good in, if I remember well...). This coat is so old, the back is completely distressed (I was going to Uni when I wore it and always had a backpack....). Boots were bought last year at Sirens, Those stores sell horrendous leggings, jeggings and T-shirts but I was amazed by their shoe selection last year (particularly in the boot area, there were really nice pieces for ridiculously low prices...). Big glasses to hide a "no-make-up-day" are from Winners.

Caro- looking annoyed in those pics xxx


  1. you look adorable in the berets!! Great idea for bad hair days!!

  2. j'adore ton look !!!!!

    pour les cheveux ternes et en vrac y'a qu'un remède : des masques et re des masques !!!!!

    bises !

  3. Love these hats! I recently bought my 1 yr old a similar one...check out the pic here!

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