Friday, October 8, 2010

True blue, baby I love you !

I had my "Madonna" moment here , remembering that I listened to this album to death when I was a teen

I am still enjoying my Wet and Wild palette a lot (Vanity)...but to keep me from boredom, I added a splash of blue on the waterline.

I used a MUFE pencil then I dabbed a blue Color from the Aquamarine NYX trio and blended with my pencil-brush to smudge the color under my lower waterline. I was a nice way to invigorate a neutral look without looking like a Barbie on crack (expression stolen from Robyn ! Hello, doll...)

The gigantic lashes are courtesy of Marcelle Volume Precision Mascara . I finished the bunch of mascaras that I gathered like crazy and went back to my old love ..."I feel good doudoudoudoudou" like James Brown would sing

Caro in a musical mood today xxx


  1. I like the pop of blue!:D

    Happy Friday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Muchos prettyful! Neutral with a blue/aqua pop is one of my favourite combos. Love it with your brown eyes!

  3. mais tes cils sont gigantesques !!!!!!!

    en tout cas super make up, ca rajoute un petit peu de "piquant" car au final les looks nude, ca reste très morose !


  4. holy wow!!! Look at those lashes!!

  5. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww j'en reviens juste pas comment ce mascara est malade sur toi! Je crois même que j'en ai un en stock mais la question est de le retrouver... et de finir ceux que j'utilise présentement avant (Maybelline The Falsies & Avon SuperExtend)

  6. Thank you everybody for commenting !

    Caro xxx