Saturday, April 24, 2010

GIve away on MUA !

I was supposed to wait for 50 followers...But I can't resist ! I started this blog to practice my english, to have my own little secret garden (ME-Myself and I hahaha) and I am so happy I did...I met so many nice persons in the make up world, I am amazed ! So, as It's just a guilty pleasure for me, I wanted to give back a little love, so without further ado, to the gifts...I wanted to give it a personal kick, so here we go :

Mascara : Marcelle volume precision in Black. It's my HG mascara : it's dark, it doesn't clump, never flakes. It gives length and volume. I could talk about this single item for hours ....
Eye liner : Annabelle smudgeliner in black. I personally never use the smudging tip because I use a pencil brush to smooth my eyeliner but feel free to do otherwise. I have this liner in brown and I swear by it because even though it's easy to spread it and to smudge it , it doesn't go everywhere (Can you hear me feline Khol liner ????)
Palette : It's just Annabelle colors and the palette to fit them in. I chose a purple color : Purple Reine (Who doesn't like purple....silence following the question), whipped (you need an highlighter in your palette and this one looks like a vanilla Chantilly !), Graffity (my favorite black of all times, a black infused with little sparkles), B-Ray (a classic navy blue which pigmentation is unbeatable)
Pigments: I sampled my own collection (part of it). Vanilla pigment from MAC (description not really needed I guess), Myth from Annabelle (a complex taupe color infused with holographic shimmer, it's BEAUTY), Violet Vibe from Annabelle (again, who doesn't like purple ???), Greed from Annabelle (a bold matte green color), Copper from GOSH (like liquid metal on the lids) and Rosewood from GOSH (a stunning red with a pink hue in it, like a Cranberry !)

To enter this INTERNATIONAL contest, you must :
- be 18 or older
- be a follower
- leave a comment as original as ENTER ME but You can be more classic and just say how fantasmabulous I am ....
- do all of this before the 15th of may at 24h00 in Montreal.

No multiple entries for lobbying for my blog on Twitter , Facebook or your own blog, just do it if you feel like it...But your love for me needs to be pure HAHA...and frankly, I don't want to make it something complicated (lazy, lazy....)

Good luck my lovelies !

Caro-Santa Claus of the day xxx


  1. Enter me!

    What lovely prizes, I like how personal they are. Also really excited Annabelle is in there- I've heard good things!

  2. But of course, you're fantabulous my dear!
    Please enter me!

  3. Enter me please hun!!Very generous giveway!!
    Cross my fingers to win!

  4. enter me!!

    thanks for all your support! i really appreciate it!! i <3 ur blog!

  5. OMG OMG OMG I soooooo want to try out some anabelle after seeing your beautiful FOTDs... please enter me :) What generous prizes!

  6. Hey Caroline!

    PLEASE ENTER ME!!!! I can't resist Annabelle goodies =DDD

  7. You know my love is pure and untainted and I am offended you think otherwise! :P

    Enter me please, lovely lady! *grovel, grovel*

  8. @ all the girls, Thank you for entering ! I love your comments ...

    Caro xxx

  9. hi
    i'm new follower !!
    my email lily_nail(at)hotmail(dot)fr
    thank you !!!

  10. I am following you on google friends, and YES, you are fantabulous, and your English is pretty darn good, too =]
    I love Annabelle, so would love to win this! Merci!

  11. Enter me! I'm a follower
    thanks for this giveaway :)

  12. Enter me!!!

  13. i Like giveaway, especialy when it's realy easy like that ahah ! Bravo pour tout ce text en anglais je n'aurais j'aimais été capable ahah!

  14. Enter me ! Congrats, it looks you are now over 50 followers !!! Make sure to celebrate !

  15. Enter Me !

    OMG! make up make up make up ! i am going insane right now just thinking about MAYBE winning this wonderful giveaway.I think you are a indcredibly generous person for giving away make up like this..its not everyone who would did this.Well i hope i will win all this make up because it would be SO fantastic :)

    have a great day & continue a pratiquer ton anglais tu va y'arriver :)

  16. and i am a new follower on Googlefriends.

    add me if you want

  17. Enter Me!

    I love your blog, you give a lot of good advice... Oh and I love the headlines you make, it makes me laugh everytime...

    Your really sweet to give all this stuff to people that read you...
    En ton anglais est vraiment bon en passant! ;)

  18. Enter me :) Thanks for sharing with the world. I am starting to try and learn more about make up and get creative ideas and solutions to little problems I run into.

    Thanks for blogging - really enjoy it :)

  19. Salut ma belle :) moi aussi je viens de Montréal!
    Je veux être incluse dans ton tirage/giveaway!

    Merci Caro (joli Père-Noël tu fais hi hi) et bonne chance!
    Good luck everyone!

  20. This is awesome!

    Enter me.

  21. Glad to find your blog! Enter moi SVP! Great posts and your English is definitely better than my French! ;)
    dgragor at gmail dot com

  22. Enter me ^_^

    ooouuuh my goodness. I love love love annabelle! And you're from Montreal <3

  23. enter me :)
    annabelle is absolutely amazing !
    email me as well ,

  24. Enter me!! :)
    That is an awesome prize collection! It would be sooo awesome to win!!

  25. the girl who wins will be so lucky!
    please enter me, I heart annabelle!

  26. just stumbled across your blog. awesome!
    what a funky little collection, there's some nice little goodies in there..

    needless to say, ENTER ME. x

  27. Oh my god....Can't believe it! Thank you for suscribing everyone ...

    Caro xxx

  28. enter me plz plz plz plz !!! Really hope to win ..... :) :D

  29. Omg! Enter me PLEASEE!
    I'm starting up a make-up collection and this will be a great addition!
    I love the pigmentss! lol, honestly, it makes me nervous cause I actually want to win so badly lol!
    Lovee ya, and thanks so much!

  30. Wow! enter me please =)
    I would be so happy you don't know how! I am a make up junkie and a price like that it's juste fabulous! I'm trying to have more make up to probably go study in profesionnal makeup =D I hope that i'm gonna win because it's represent alot to me.
    thanks for this wonderfull contest =)

  31. Hi,I love Annabelle makeup!!! thnx for this wonderful giveaway!! plz enter me :)

  32. please enter me! great giveaway:D