Friday, April 30, 2010

NOTD : Cheetah print and favorite lip combo

Lips : my favorite combo ever
Lipliner : NYX Mauve to contour and all over the lip
Lipstick : NYX round lipstick in Power (a pink with a purple hue)
Lipgloss : Sephora lipgloss in precious pink

NYX secret as a color base
Sally Hansen black out to do the prints with a Konad plate (M 57)

My poor nails are really short. It seems that I neglected them a lot lately as I could not paint them so they broke, split....I need to give them a little more love !

EOTD : a very simple eye with a wash of gold-brown all over the lid , a little grey in the outer corner and a white highlight under the brow bone and in the inner corner. Very TiffanyD on youtube !

Tonight my hockey team is playing for the 2nd part of the play offs. GO , HABS, GO !!!

Caro-hockey fan just for fun(don't have a single clue how this game works !) xxx


  1. Love your pink combo lips!!So gorgeous!!

  2. BOO TO THE HABS! CANUCKS FOREVER! LUUUUUUUUU! :P (Yes, the english girl loves hockey!)

  3. omg i love power! i haven't used it in a while but i think i'll bring it out!

  4. wohoo konad plates! Those are so handy to use for nail design. Have a great Friday =)

  5. @ Eden : I repeat : GO HABS GO ....You stayed a year in Vancouver if I remember well...I'll need advice from you since we're planning a trip in summer there !

    Caro xxx

  6. We wil probably get knocked out and won't have to play the Habs anyway :D

    Vancouver is amazing, I wish I could live there. And then you could teach me French!

  7. Your NYX Power lipstick and Sephora lipgloss combo is very pretty!
    And I've been thinking about the Konad plates ever since I saw them on youtube and blogs. Some of the plates are just gorgeous!
    Haha - I'm a bit of a Leaf's fan at heart but we all know they don't play well. Stupid team didn't even make it into the play offs LOL