Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Olive EOTD with sleek palette and a review

I love to play with my new toys !!! I just use the original in this look as I wanted to try the Olive color bottom line last color on the left. I will not link all the products I use because I prefer giving the 1st impressions I have on those palettes.

Cons :
it's not really a problem but the palettes are really tiny, I thought they looked bigger when I saw them on you tube.
Consistency of the e/s : they are on the chalky side ...I don't know if my eyelids are now highly sensitive but the texture of those e/s isn't very pleasant
Blending problem : probably because of the consistency, I find them harder to blend than some of my powder e/s that are more on the creamy side.
No highlight color : as those e/s are shimmery for the most part (even looking metallic for some !), I regret that there is no beige highlight in each palette. You have the black outer V color in each kit but no highlight...

Pros :
Palette look : very sturdy, doesn't look cheap. I think those palettes would resist a incredible travel in my (gigantic) bag without breaking.
Color pay off : I just tried 2 of my palettes : Storm and Original and the color pay off is absolutely amazing in both of them
range of colors : those palettes carry 12 colors and I love the mix they did, to offer such a wide range of hues to try
Staying power : I always use a primer to make my make up stick to my lids all day. But sometimes, even with my TFSI some colors fade away. I worked 9 hours yesterday, went back home and the make up was still flawless on my eyes. So staying power is gorgeous

Do I recommend them : absolutely ! Because, even though I don't feel those e/s to be comfy on my lids, they look gorgeous on my eyes. I know some girls who will understand the concept of stunning incredibly non comfy shoes....Do you wear them ? I do, even if I bleed my feet to death !!!! You get the idea...

Caro xxx


  1. I do find that a couple of them have a bit of a wierd texture, especially the lgihter shades. The olive looks lovely on you! I don't much use it, I might tomorrow :)

  2. The eye makeup makes your brown eyes pop.:D

    Thanks for doing this review!:D

    Hope you are having a lovely week!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Hi Caro! I know what you mean when you said you were expecting the palette to be bigger when you saw them on youtube. I felt the same way about my MAC Hello Kitty quads last year and some of my brushes as well.
    Great review of the shadows though!
    I love the olive green on your eyes - it's a pretty FOTD :) It's very complimentary and I love olive green shadows myself.
    You've got to be kidding me (about your old bones comment on my blog) - you don't look older than myself or old at all for that matter! And I think you'd do terrific in the platform heels after a few short minutes of walking around in them.
    I think I've gotten use to high heels so they're pretty comfortable - especially if I add insoles and what not in my latest blog post that you saw. And I find that Guess and Jessica Simpson high heels are super comfortable for me so I tend to stick to those two brands. Certain brands are absolute killer though - like most Aldo shoes and Spring shoes and generally the cheaper brands I have to say.

  4. wow these colors are fantastic on you and the application is beautiful. Olive green is perfect on you.
    Funny thing about shoes... just bought a pair of "comfy" flats because I wear heels almost every day. I figured they would be great for days I will be on my feet a lot... first day i wore them I literally bled and now have a huge scab on my heel!!! Back to the heels for me!!