Monday, April 26, 2010

Myths which are believed in tend to become true...

This quote is from George Orwell (MUA putting her glasses on to look really brillant) .... OK ,OK, I googled it (MUA bowing head with shame !). But I had to find a title with the word MYTH in it ! Remember, this blog is about improving my english skills...

SO to the EOTD :

TFSI as a base
Myth pigment (Annabelle) used all over the lid. First, I mix it with eye drops to make a paste : it's called foiling pigments if I remember well...Then I let it dry and I add a little dusting of the dry pigment with a fluffy brush to bring out the sparkle....Ohohoh, what a surprise, isn't that a pigment sampled in my GIVE AWAY ? Yes, it is !!!! I's a beautiful taupish, silverish color infused with glitter. I love it really ...a lot...
Club (MAC) in the crease
Helium (Annabelle) as an highlight color
Wedge (MAC) to blend....
MUFE grey eyeliner in waterline

I hope you liked it. Tomorrow, I'll post about Violet Vibe, another pigment from my collection (that I sampled too). It's gonna be like a serie...MYTH, episode I (big voice from the space)...DUGH, I think , I'll stop before being completely ridiculous !

Caro-trying to find a (lame) connection between each post xxx


  1. I like this look.:D Smoky but light.:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Myth is my favorite pigment shade. It's so... unique!

  3. I love this look and your posts always make me smile!You have such a really good sence of humor!!!Cheers!

  4. @ everyone , thank you for your kind words...The pics don't do justice to the beautiful complexity of this pigment !

    Caro xxx

  5. Caro your English is so good I didn't realize you blogged to improve it. I would say you're fluent!
    I love how you used Myth and Club together here. Club is an interesting shadow for me because when I blend it out a lot, it becomes a reddish brown. I kind of like how it looks packed on dark brown with a blue/green sheen through it :) Gorgeous look yet again!
    Oh and I love George Orwell. I read 1984 a couple of months back - he's such a great writer. And I kind of agree with his quote in your blog post title too.