Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Episode II : Violet Vibe attack !...and exciting news

It's a trilogy : first MYTH pigment, now : Violet Vibe pigment. I tried to picture the sparkliness of this beauty but...I am not a good photographer so you'll have to be creative and imagine ! I wanted to test the blue color on my lashes to see whether it was flattering or just weird ...I let you judge !

Eyes :
TFSI as a primer
NYX jumbo pencil in Lavender as a color base
Violet Vibe foiled with eye drops, then dusted dry over the paste with another brush....
My beloved Graffiti (Annabelle) in the outer V to give some depth to the look
Wedge (MAC) to blend Violet Vibe into Helium (Annabelle) used as an highlight
Ultimate lash mascara in Navy. I found it was pretty finally, as the blue color was not a bright one but a subtle navy color. Plus, if you remember well , the black Graffiti has some shimmers in it and the sparkles are blue toned. So it was a win ...

Now to the exciting news : I was contacted by an Annabelle representative to test out some of their products and give reviews (bad or good, my call !). I am totally excited : They sent me a mascara (the same Navy blue one I tried on this look), an eye cream (testing in progress) and a liquid foundation (testing in progress too). I guess they know I am head over heels for their products so they are not taking that big a risk !!! But I am an untouchable woman, so you'll have honest reviews, I swear....

Caro-Eliot Ness of the make up review xxx


  1. beautiful look! Congrats on the Annabelle contact. Looking forward to your review.

  2. yay!! That is exciting! You look gorgeous in purples :)

  3. Hi Caro! Purples along with browns are my favourite shadow colours - they really compliment us brown eyed ladies huh? You look gorgeous with it!
    I actually can't tell that you're wearing Navy blue mascara - it looks black to me. Maybe it's a good thing? I use to wear electrc blue mascara for a few months while I was in high school - I don't know what I was thinking but I thought I was "it" LOL. *rolls eyes*
    Yay for getting to test out products for Annabelle. It must be exciting! I'm currently testing out skincare products for the company Cellnique and I was really excited about it too!

  4. The foiling looks amazing! I wish I could do that, too, but I don't have any eye drop in here. So I just use the pigments on their own.

    Did I tell you that already? Your lashes are AMAZINGLY long! Is is the mascara that does that? I'm jealous!

    Yey! I'm also testing products for Annabelle and Marcelle, so that's pretty exciting =D

    Which eye cream are you currently testing? I got the Hydra-C one from the warehouse sale but I want to finish my Burt's Bees' one before (which will take a looooong time).

  5. I've been trying so hard to pull off a look similar to this!
    I'm definitly going to try these colors out! Thanks! :)
    By the way, you have reallyy nice eyelashes lol!

  6. You look so beautiful in purples!Love it.

  7. This looks gorgeous! Purple is my fav. shade to wear :) And I am so happy to see someone else in love with Graffiti e/s!!! I love love it!

  8. Thank you girls and Graffiti is one of the prize in the give away !!!

    Caro xxx