Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue smokey : colors and base !

This post is gonna be about how a color base cream can change your make up look ! As you can see from the pictures, This is a BLUE smokey....Well, I was supposed to do a GREEN smokey that day...How come when you put an Emerald like color as a cream base under your powder GREEN e/s, you end up with blue ! I probably haven't listened well in primary school when I was taught about the colors...
I already did a post about base with the Club look I did before but Club(MAC) is a duochrome....The color I used from the Storm Sleek Palette is a very dark green...I have no clue of what happened there but it was pretty so I accepted my fate ;-)

TFSI as a primer
HIP liner in TEAL (I see Emerald green but may be I am just color blind...)as color base
The GREEN color in the Sleek palette
The soft brown color in the Storm palette to blend in the crease
Helium e/s (Annabelle) as an highlight (How surprising !)
Graffiti e/s (Annabelle) as an outer V color : I absolutely adore this black e/s with blue looks, it's perfection !
Mascara : Telescopic from L'Oreal ...The last one from my stash before I can OFFICIALLY re-start my HG Mascara and You 're gonna be so sick of hearing me raving about it !!!

I hope you liked it and if you understand the blue-green weird thing, I am all ears !

Caro-color blind xxx


  1. ha! see! the world wants to see you in blues! :-)))

    dont' know how that happens, but it does - I have grey and black eyeshadows that will turn blue on me, also depending on what color I combine them with.

  2. @ Musing, once you try become obsessed ! Some silver turn baby blue on me , now that I think of it ...May be something with our skin tones ???

    Caro xxx

  3. Very strange! Some of the blues in Sleek palettes aren't the bluest of blues though, are they? Maybe its the individual e/s?

  4. Can I say this is one of my favorite looks on you? The blue is stunning!

  5. I LOVE IT! C'est vraiment magnifique...