Sunday, April 4, 2010

Swatch : Zoya Isabel

Those pictures were taken outside. I found this was the best way to capture the "redness" of this polish! It looked darker in the bottle than it is in reality. At the beginning, that annoyed me a little bit until I looked at my hands in the sun...BAM ! glittery, gorgeous nails appeared from nowhere ...
I first bought this color because I thought it would be a nice red to wear at work...But I am not sure it's office appropriate finally....What do you think ? Red shoes are hot with a black suit. Is it working the same for nail polishes ? ... May be I'll look like a Xmas tree in April (Funny but tempting !...)

Have a nice Sunday

Caro xxx


  1. I think red nails with a black suit would look great!! classy!

  2. Love the red nail polishes!!!It looks gorgeous on you!!!

  3. You can totally wear this to work! A nice pop of red on the nails is much more appropriate for work than a red lip, I think :)