Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter NOTD inspired by Susies1955

I was inspired by the beautiful Susies1955 to do that mani. Hers was prettier than mine because I didn't own a pastel yellow one. I replaced it with an orange one from the Essie spring collection but the whole look works better with her take on it...

I am IMPOSSIBLE...If you read my blog from time to time, you know I have sometimes an allergy to some nail varnishes. It's really difficult to identify which ones as I change mani every other day...But did you think painting my nails with all the colors of the rainbow was a good idea to identify the thief....NOT REALLY ! I again swell but now that I recognize the first symptoms, I took the mani away the 1st day I wore it. It didn't prevent me from swelling but it's not as awful as before. I need to take a break from Mani (sobbing endlessly !) for a while and the try one color for a few days , stop painting for a few days and so on. This way, there is a good chance of finding the traitor !!!

Hope you have a grogeous week end !

I have tons of posts to write about hauls (yay to wharehouse sale !), meeting a fellow blogger by chance, Awards (I fell like a SUPERSTAR !) and give away

Caro xxx


  1. How sweet to copy my mani and then thank me for it.
    I LOVE yours. I love the color orange. I didn't care for my blue as it looked more silver. YOU did great. Love it.
    What polishes can you use that you don't have a reaction to?
    HOW awful,

  2. I don't even have a clue ....I am on a NOTD ban for a while then I 'll have to experiment , I guess...

    Thanks for your sweet comment !

    Caro xxx

  3. :( Sorry about your allergy again.

    I love that sort of mani with the different colors. :)