Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A satin taupe make up look and Holy Grail mascara

Hourrah (means how happy I am, for those not speaking french)! First EOTD in a week...My human face came back after 7 days of swelling and peeling. The dark days are over...I went for a subtle satin taupe look, slightly smoked.

Here are the products I used :
TFSI as a primer
Gold NYX Jumbo Pencil as a color base
Satin taupe(MAC) all over the lid and in the crease
Wedge(MAC)in the crease and to blend in highlight
Helium (Annabelle cosmetics) as an highlight
Black random pencil for waterline from Personnelle (not very good by the way). I was searching an alternative to the Feline which sometimes fails to stay where I put it and ends up all around my eyes ...Very raccoon friendly...
Mascara : Rimmel Sexy curves in Extreme black . This baby is dying on me : starts to clump and flake. So I'm nearly finished with my project to use all the mascaras I accumulated. A few months ago,I have found my Holy Grail mascara : Marcelle Volume precision and there 's no turning back !
Brows : BROW-zing from Benefit in dark.

Side note : one of my lovely followers asked me if Annabelle products were sold in the US. So as they have a facebook page, I asked them (Am I not totally brilliant ?) and here is the link to order from them if you are US based:

Have a nice day, lovely ladies !

Caro xxx


  1. Why did I not discover Anabelle when I lived in Canada?! :(

  2. Yay for the return of humanity! I am so glad you are all better, what a gorgeous look!

  3. Gorgeous look. I love how you paired NYX with Satin Taupe.

  4. I have a little something for you. :)

  5. Very nice, Satin Taupe is one of my fave shadows!