Sunday, April 18, 2010

You have a beautiful skin ! Skin care (Part 1)

I changed my skin care routine 2 months ago...And the last month, 3 different persons told me : You have a beautiful skin ....Me : ***Blushing with pleasure***Thank you , thank you (my mama raised me well, I am a polite girl !). Those nice people were :
- a esthetician doing me a facial (hubby offered me 1h30 of pure porn related activity there !)
- a random customer
- a colleague scrutinizing my pores 15 cm away from my face : she wanted to check really well if I was not a fraud !

In fact I am using a whole bunch of very simple products and a toothbrush (ouh, why why a toothbrush, crowd asking with impatience? ):

In fact, I didn't want to buy the Clarisonic thing (200 $ to clean my face makes me cringe ...) so I went with Michelle Phan's alternative : an electric tooth brush that you use to clean your face with your cleanser.The product I used with it is : Gentle Self Foaming Cleanser from Marcelle...And what happened ?

Week 1: I chose an extra soft brush but remember the tooth brush is made for teeth which normally are a little harder than your tender skin Ouch for 1 week, rosy cheeks but HEH, you need to suffer to be beautiful (IT's a sacred law !)

Week 2 : I broke out...Really...Abnormally...Chin, between the brows, temples, ....I was a little discouraged ! then I went on internet, googled everything and discovered that it was kind of normal if you have a deep cleansing process cause everything was "exposed"...YURK !

Week 3 : My brush slalomed between spots like an Olympic champion. Skin was getting used to the harsh brush

Week 4 : Skin in calm down zone...

Week 5 : ouh nice skin...I noticed better texture of my skin : less dilated pores around the nose, no more bumps under the skin on the forehead, radiance from within (? Not really, I start to speak like a commercial...Fleech, fleech sending hair to fly from one side of my head to another !).

Conclusion :I think this method gives an Extra power to your cleanser. Mine is made with vit C (ingredients supposedly working on the radiance....Fleech, fleech again !). I like it very much as it's like putting whipped cream on your face (who doesn't like whipped cream ?). Plus, I think that the fact that it's perfume free limited the reaction I had on the abrasion from the 1st weeks with the brush. Now, you need to be patient because the beginning of the "treatment" is not really rewarding...And be prepared to use far more day and night creams : it seems that your skin is absorbing so much more !!!!

Hope it helped and was not too boring...

Caro-radiating from within (fleech, fleech to you !) xxx


  1. Thanks a lot for the toothbrush tip, caroline! I never knew about it, and I totally agree with you, I would never pay that much for something to clean my face! I will definitely try to use a normal (not electric) toothbrush just to see if I see a difference. Thanks again! =D

  2. I might try this... My skin is cruddy, cruddy, cruddy.

  3. Oh wow the toothbrush thing is a great idea.
    I have a Clairisonic but I might get the toothbrush for travel :)