Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gigantic Annabelle haul at the warehouse sale!

At the beginning of the month, Annabelle cosmetics had a sale, open to everyone, in Montreal...Dirladada, I live in Montreal ! So I went a little bit out of control :
4 palettes : one that you can personalized, 3 that were already put into beautiful metallic boxes (I have taken pictures open and closed so that you can see the gorgeous details...)
2 pairs of false eyelashes
1 black eyeliner
2 packs of wipes to remove eye make up
3 mascaras (coughing in shame ...)

When I went home, I felt a little bit embarrassed...Who really needs so much make up ? MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...Ok, not really! So what do you think about a little give away ? I thought that, as I purchased my HG mascara twice, I could give up the back up and then once thing leading to another, I could add the custom palette ( as I repurchased colors I already own...). And there all shame vanished, HAha (powerful laugh), I felt I was in a generous mood (very good for the Ego let me tell you !). So , if you will give me a few days to wrap it up...I'll be hosting my first give away in a few days! How exciting !

Caro-nice fairy of your dreams (mouhahaha) xxx


  1. what beautiful goodies!! One of these days I'm going to cross the border just to get some of those beautiful annabelle things you keep showing us!!

  2. nice haul. Who needs tons of makeup? *raise hand* ME too!! I like the design of the quad packaging..very cute.

  3. Lovely haul doll!!I know what you mean about make up!You just cant get enough!!:)

  4. Ooooh those palettes look really pretty! Enjoy your haul, girl!

  5. Look at how much stuff you got! :) Nice!

  6. Those palettes are beautiful! You got so much stuff haha, must've been heaven ;)

  7. I was thrilled to see your purchases from the sale! I'm pretty proud of myself as I didn't go out of control this time LOL. It only costed me about $15. Yey!

  8. Nice! I love those LE palettes.

  9. Hey! I was totally there too! Picked up so much stuff! It was really awesome!!

    Check it out: