Sunday, June 6, 2010

JOTD, Champagne EOTD and a challenge !

Gosh my nose looks gigantic in the first pic : I feel like Cleopatra ! Today we went for a brunch with friends we haven't seen in ages. It was nice to re-connect ! So I did a very simple look to fit with the bacon-eggs-pancakes spirit ....

TFSI as a primer
Champagne color from a NYX trio (Barely there/Champagne/Root Beer) all over the lid
Twinks (MAC) in the Outer V and blended in the crease and up (I hit pan on this one !)
Wedge (MAC) to blend Twinks into Buff Naked (Annabelle) used as an highlight
Rich chocolate smoothliner (Annabelle)
Black mascara : Telescopic from L'Oreal. Although my HG stays Marcelle Volume Precision mascara, I must admit that telescopic is a good guy for lengthening of my lashes to the max...

Annabelle skin true foundation in medium beige : such a nice foundation for summer. It delivers medium coverage so it's very natural (I can see my freckles !) but it unifies my skin perfectly.
Annabelle zebra bronzer to contour
NYX Angel blush
Lips :
NYX lipliner in Mauve
NYX lipstick in Ceto (such a gorgeous beige-golden color !)

Again an Anne-Marie Chagnon jewelry. I can't get enough of her art. I have a blue "kit" and the one featured here is in brown-pink. I dream of a orange or red or yellow piece of her work....Each piece is so unique and beautiful....

Challenge :
For those reading my blog lately, you may know that the size of my butt is slightly annoying me at the moment...This rainy week end left me time to think and Monday is the big day to start a big change in the way I eat and move (or not move to be completely honest ....). So I'll register to the gym Monday morning (after having the chance to experiment with the installations last week for free). On Thursday, I am to attend the 1st meeting of an Quebec equivalent to WW. Here are the numbers of the infamy :
Last monday : 170 lbs
Working out : none
1st target : losing 5 pounds before the end of the month
2nd target : losing 1 pound every week (no visit to the scale more than once a week)
3rd target : reaching an healthy weight for my 36th birthday in october
4th target : reaching 130 pounds in 40 weeks
I will congratulate myself every 5 pounds down with an item on my make up wishing list to try and make this fun ! So, this blog will still be about make up but I'll probably bother you with the success and fails of this new challenge for me....

Caro-Yes I can xxxx


    I am so jealous - 2 years of using Vanilla as a highlighter and I still can't see the pan!!!!

  2. Good luck Caro! You are beautiful but I think that seems a nice healthy way to get rid of a couple of pounds so good luck to you girl! I need to get my ass on an excercise bike too... I can barely run for the bus!

  3. Working out is a great way to get healthy and it really helps me mentally more than anything else :) Good luck with your goals Caro.
    The Annabelle skin true foundation sounds like my MAC tinted moisturizer. I've been loving it for summer too - good coverage but my light freckles show through which is kinda nice for a change :)
    Isn't Twinks such a pretty colour?! Easy to hit pan on that one.
    I like the angle of the first picture even though you might not think so - it's neat and different.
    The champagne colour shadow is very nice on you.
    Have a lovely day Hun!

  4. Great FOTD. Good luck with your working out regiment.

  5. @ Musing : that was quite a shock to me to hit pan on this one but I must admit I use it a lot on my lazy-neutral-office-appropriate looks...It's the second time I hit pan on a MAC e/s (shroom was my first !). In fact, even if I can see the bottom of the pan, there is still plenty of powder left on the sides ;-))

    @ Robyn : I get out of breath quite easily at the moment, change is more than needed. I knew I could count on your support, you're a sweet heart !

    @ Karen : I wish exercising is gonna work mentally for me (getting rid of stress related to my job would be a bonus !). I know you're a big fan of Twinks : great spirits think alike ;-)))). thank you for your support !

  6. @ natural : I'll need all the support I can find. Thank you for your sweet words ;-)

  7. you look so gorgeous! you have the perfect eye shape :)
    love the blog
    great posts!
    stop by some time xx