Friday, June 4, 2010

a blue cloud and twisted hair !

a very simple cream and navy eyelook using my sleek palettes. I decided to go down all the "blue" way , using navy eyeliner ( a Covergirl one that is awesome but sadly discontinued) and navy mascara (Marcelle Ultimate lash in navy) which I 'll try to convince you to buy as it's AWESOME ! here we go ....

The color on the lashes doesn't show on the pics but I find the blue color a nice alternative to my usual black. It's not a "in your face " electric blue, more a dark marine color. I think I'll definitively re-use it when I 'll do a blue eyelook from now on....This product was offered to me by Marcelle-Annabelle representatives and I was very happy to try it as I wouldn't have spend the money on a blue mascara. I guess I am still traumatized by an old aunt who was wearing electric blue mascara on spider lashes YUK ! Will I repurchase it with my own money once it 's dried out ? YES, I will ....Why :
1-I like the color: it's an easy way to go out of a "comfort zone" AKA black mascara without looking like a Barbie on crack (blinking at Robin there !)
2-As my Volume precision mascara (Marcelle again), the quality of both the brush and the formula is amazing. I always find other mascaras to be too pasty (so hello clumps) or too watery (hello spots on my eyelids ruining my blended e/s). With this mascara, you have the perfect balance of a formula that you can spread easily without dreading the transfers on the lids
3-It's a drugstrore product so price is easily affordable if you wait for it to be in sale

So interested ? Would I be a convincing SA ?....

Caro-still very happy with her haircut that makes her hair so manageable xxx


  1. Really like the all blue eyes...the Sleek palettes are just so good.

    Also really like the necklace! :)

    Hope you have a nice weekend.

    Fee x

  2. :( We don't have that brand in the least I dont think so. But you do a good job of making me want it! LOL
    Ah blue mascara...that was the very first MU item I ever wore when I was a teenager :) It was the 80s so I am allowed! LOL

  3. Gorgeous hair! And your eyeshadow is stellar!

  4. Gorgeous hair and your necklase amazing!!!:)