Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shocker : an unloved nail polish !

There is something deeply wrong with this Nail polish : Jordana from Zoya. This color looks horrendous against my skin tone. It looks like a cheap frosted varnish from the 80's...Then the tip wear lasted 24h (I put it on yesterday night and it showed signs of weakness today !). But that's not it, it chipped (ring finger on 2nd pic)...Last but not least, this is a 3 coats application and you can see through it. I will Konad it tonight to try to make it work (I hate not using my products !). I guess I showed quite clearly my colors but if any doubt subsides : shame on you , Zoya !

EOTD : soft and girly pink and purple combo (Pink from Sleek Sunset palette, Purple from Bohemian palette and Print (MAC) to darken the outer V).

I haven't posted a FOTD as on the pics I took, I looked :
1- on drugs
2- like I drank 100000000 martinis
3- hysterical with my hair like a fur ball all over my face
1, 2 or 3 were all true in the whole bunch of pics I took. As I was heading to work (blah for working on week ends), I was neither under the influence of alcoholic beverage nor illicit drugs so I kept my pictures for the "move to trash" button ;-)

Caro- a little bit worried that in real life she resembles the crazy woman from the pics xxx


  1. I love light pinks. Like you said on my blog put a Konad on it. I suggested white but now that I see it maybe something dark. Dark blue or dark purple.
    Maybe a full design. :)

  2. Ok well good to know this polish is so sheer that way I wont be tempted to buy it. I agree with Susie. You must Konad something dark! LOL

  3. I see the lack of color payoff.

    Hope you are having a great weekend, Caro!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. You're too funny Caro :) I'm sure you didn't look craaaaazy drunk in those pictures you didn't show us LOL
    Pink and purple shadows together are really pretty. You know, they don't sell those Sleek eye shadow palettes that I see a lot of UK bloggers mentioning. Did you get your Sleek palette local?
    I've been thinking about Konad plates! Some ladies do such beautiful manicures using them.
    That's too bad the Zoya polish chipped so quickly. I just did my nails with a MAC polish (Originality) which is a really pretty gold bronze but it started chipping within 24 hours even with my Posche top coat :(
    How is your weekend coming along? Have you watched any of the soccer games yet?! ;)

  5. LOL you do not look like you're on drugs or any of of above. This is why I enjoy reading your blog so much. You are hilarious! And yes I agree..the pink polish is not worthy of your beautiful nails.

  6. @ everybody , yes I was disappointed by this nail polish, don't buy ! Save your money for a nicer nail polish...On the other hand, I am quite happy you all believed in my sober state (Am I not a responsible mother of 2 after all), pfiou my reputation stays clear ....(mouhahaha diabolic laugh)
    Caro xxx