Saturday, June 5, 2010

Favorites of the month : MAY !

Bath product : hum shower product in fact ! The Viva la Juicy shower gel...I normally don't buy products derivated from a perfume that I wear, but when the whole bunch (shower gel, body lotion and perfume) costs less the the perfume itself....I know this sounds a little bit ridiculous as I am 35 and Juicy couture target is probably teen-girls or women in their early 2os but I adore the 2 perfumes I got from this make. The shower gel is really faithful to the smell of the perfume, the texture is delicious (quite thick) and it melts in the skin in a luxurious foam...yum yum ! Cost : offered when purchasing the 50 ml perfume (as well as the body liking freebies!)

Shampoo : Lush one, Cynthia la belle brune. The fragrance can surprise, the SA gave me a sample advising me against it. Frankly, I don't like the smell but it doesn't bother me that much neither (best proof ever, I purchased the gigantic size!). With the conjunction of BIG shampoo and Cynthia shampoo, I saw a dramatic change in how healthy my hair looks like. I am hooked (and I have 2 samples of conditioners that the SA gave me and I like both of them equally too...LUSH , you got me !). It costs 27.95 $ but you use a 25 cents amount and you rediscover your healthy hair long disappeared...worth it ? (oh yeah !)

Skin products :
1- St Ives Timeless skin daily micro dermabrasion : I know some of you find those products too harsh, I know dermatologists speak against this make but I like it ....I am still using the toothbrush method to deeply clean my skin (toothbursh is my cheap option to a clarisonic device). The combo made a change in the way my skin looks like. I got rid of those little bumps under the skin that made my skin uneven....I am sold ! I can't remember the price but I' d say it costs less than 5$...
2- Marcelle New age anti wrinkle eye and lip : You know that I can't get enough of my Marcelle-Annabelle products. For the record, If you want to know where both makes stand, Marcelle would be the older sister of Annabelle ! I used to buy eye cream without any enthusiasm before : just something that you need but doesn't change that much the way you look. This product made me change my mind ! I don't know how to describe the "comfort" it gives to my under-eye-area ?! the pump delivers just the right amount of a creamy-whipped product. When I wake up in the morning my under eye area looks brightened and fuller (less dreadful dark deep circles). As a consequence, I noticed that my wrinkles seemed less harsh. this product was offered to me but I swear, I'll be repurchasing it...

Make up items :
1- Mascarassssssssssssss : I 'll say it over and over again. Marcelle mascaras are ZE BOMB. period. I was offered the Ultimate Lash Mascara in Navy (I am sporting it in my lats EOTD) and I always repurchase the Volume Precision as it's my HG product.....Suggested retail price of the Volume precision is 11.95 $, but you can easily find it less than 10 $ in your favorite drugstore depending on the sales they have...
2- Rimmel lipstick in Vintage Pink : it became my bag-lipstick. It's just my lips in better, it goes with every eye make up. It's darker than my beloved Power from NYX so easier to wear. A stapple dusty pink in a lipstick collection IMO. And it costed me 3.99 $ !
3- Annabelle Zebra Bronzer : if you read Canadian blogs, the community is buzzing about this little gem. I use it as a contour and it replaced my Revlon bronzer in my heart. I like that it's buildable, not crazily glittery. I am very pale and it's not too dark for me, it gives you a sheen without you looking like a discoball. I use it at the top of my forehead, side of the nose, under the cheekbones that I don't have and I look healthy even if I lack some hours of rested sleep. A keeper for 10.95 $! it was offered to me by Annabelle representatives but I ' ll happily repurchase it if needed (which I doubt will happen soon as I use it like crazy and you can't even see a dent in it !)

Hope this can be helpfull to you , lovelies

Caro-ready to head to the gym and absolutely non motivated xxx


  1. I don't get into makeup all that much but I DO love the Rimmel Lipsticks. They are the very best.
    Get thee to the gym! :)

  2. I love Vintage Pink too, it does go with almost anything!

  3. @ Susie : I went to the gym (they were offering a free trial...) I think I'll register for summer !

    @ Robyn : Vintage pink is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet

  4. YAY For going to the gym! And heehee look at you with Lush stuff!! LOL

  5. Oh Hun - don't worry about perfume and targetted age groups. I really believe the same perfume can smell quite different on different individuals because it mixes with your sweat, body chemistry and can sometimes produce a bit of a unique smell. My favourite at the moment is Armani Code and I think it's targetted to ladies in their 30s or 40s ;)
    When I'm in Lush next I ought to ask them for a sample of the Big or Cynthia shampoos/conditioners. If you're using the shampoo, do you pair it with their respective conditioners?
    Right now I'm in love with my Shiseido shampoo and conditioner because they're sooooo moisturizing - but they really do only work best when used in conjunction with one another.
    You're fortunate the micro dermabrasion worked well for you. I bought the Dr. Brandt one (at Sephora) and it killed my face the first time. I have really sensitive skin so maybe I should have known better. But both my sisters shared it as a hand me down from moi and they both had such amazing results they just couldn't believe how unlucky I got LOL
    Hmmm sounds like I need to get myself some Marcelle mascara next! Lots of people either love L'oreal mascaras or hate them but I'm a devoted L'oreal fan. If I give the Marcelle mascaras a shot I'll have to let you know if I'm converted or not ;)

  6. Hi Caro!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Annabelle Zebra Pressed Bronzer! I think it's the best bronzer I've tried so far! It's absolutely perfect for summer, and I'm sure it would be awesome even in the winter =DD