Friday, June 11, 2010

a blue rusted look and a discovery ...

First pic is totally random but it's for Meowmisu. I said that I saw I look that would look stunning on her but of course, it was while browsing the internet that I found it and I couldn't find it again. So the 1st pic from Annabelle site gives a good idea of what it looked like but it was more plumish ....

2nd to 3rd pic : my EOTD and FOTD for yesterday....I used a bright blue-green color from the faces cosmetics and I blended it into a rust color (NYX). It looked really pretty in reality as the blue-green color is changing when you look it from different angles. On my lips, Heather from NYX, a nice pink-neutral color with a brown hue.

Discovery of the day : As you know I registered in a gym. I decided to attend spinning classes. It looked so much fun : you bike and you burn calories... Well, I should have known better : since when burning calories is FUN ? I nearly died of heart attack ! My god I am so out of shape, it's not even funny. I was still a beautiful red color 1 HOUR after the end of the class...I must admit though that it is a good way to sweat, so I 'll go again probably on monday ....Wish me luck !

Caro discovering the world of working out xxx


  1. My friend wanted me to go to a spinning class and then I explained to her what it is! Ha ha! I love teals and browns, great for summer!

  2. Always make sure you have water with you when you workout!:D Good luck!:D

    Love the makeup, btw!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Good luck Caro. The first couple of time will be tough but eventually our bodies get adjusted to the workout. I'm jealous of your super long flirty lashes. Beautiful FOTD!

  4. good job on surviving a spin class!!!
    What a lovely color combo and thanks so much for posting the pic, trying to figure out what I have to try and recreate it :) Thanks sweetie!

  5. YAY for spinning classes! Soon you'll find it easier just keep up the good work!!!

  6. The blue-green colour really suits you Caro :) You look gorgeous!
    That's great that you're keeping up with the gym. I need to get to one on Monday for a bit - I'm taking it easy and going for only 20 minutes though LOL
    Oh spinning is tough! I had a trainer a few years ago and he put me on a bike once but would not let my butt touch the seat at all while I was cycling. It was soooo tough! But it's a nice way to ease the stress - after the fact though because often during the workout I'm stressed LOL