Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the Carrot and stick method and NOTDs

I am not sure my naked feet were a necessity but I felt like being an exhibitionist today !
NOTD (feet) : Essie red nouveau. If you want a true red (think firemen red AGRRR !), this is for you. I prefer darker reds but it's quite striking on my feet so I like it !

NOTD ( hands) : Joe fresh nail polish in pastel blue. The make has no numbers nor names so I decided to name it Cinderella blue. I bought 3 Joe nail varnishes last week and this is my favorite color of the bunch. My nails are awfully short and they still look awesome in that color. it's LOVE (plus it's cheap : 3 polishes for 10 $ YEEEHAAAH)

The Carrot and Stick method : For the moment I'll stay away for WW and their fees ;-). I decided that I was on a make up ban as long as I don't loose 5 pounds...But I keep the right to dream and I am starting a wishing list :

TFSI + kit of e/s (insurance policy)
Lipstick : rouge Coco Chanel in mademoiselle (Vanessa Paradis wants me to buy it , I can see it in her eyes ! Plus , she's Johnny Depp lover so she can be trusted .... She has amazing taste)
Nars sheer glow foundation (Lollipop26 is a dangerous woman !)
Annabelle bronze smoothliner in Bronze (Kokolaroo is a dangerous woman too...)
MUFE camouflage set in 02

Hum, that's a lot of 5 pounds off my butt !

Hope you have a nice Wednesday, lovelies

Caro xxx


  1. Wow, ce bleu de Joe Frais est trop joli!!! Si je ne me trompe pas, c'est 4$? ^^

    Personnellement, je préfère garder mes ongles courts car je trouve que pas mal toutes les couleurs vont mieux sur des ongles courts (pastels, néons, foncées).

    Merci pour ton soutient, Caroline. Je vais aller regarder à l'animalerie pour un autre rat bientôt, je n'y tiens plus. Ils sont tellement adorables!

  2. I love both red and blue nail polishes!!Bargains are always a must!Have a lovely day too dear!

  3. Aw I want some of those Joe polishes!! I like the name you gave it too :)

  4. Thank you for letting me know about the quality of the Joe fresh nail polishes Caro :)This pastel blue colour is so pretty....and this is coming from a person that usually isn't attracted to blue polish!