Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Lana Turner hair, JOTD and jealousy !

Jealousy, yes. I must admit I was burnt from the inside with envy when I saw a fantastic gold look on Meowmisu's blog. First, because she received gorgeous pigments, 2nd because her blending skills makes me look like a 3-year-old playing with make up Haha! So As I am a little bit masochist, I decided to try and copy the look which came out totally.... not like hers...My copper is too dark when she reached a stunning "liquid gold on my lid" effect. GAHHHHHHHHH (trying to reproduce the sound of the frustrated make up junkie, there ...)

I wanted to post anyway because I liked the swatch of Ceto (NYX round lipstick) on my lips. It's definitively a TOP 5 for me, I adore this color. I A-DO-RE this lipstick...

JOTD : can't remember where I picked the necklace but earrings were found in Casa Luca in Montreal. A little shop full of lovely surprises (even my wallet is surprised each time I venture there....Wallet sounding stunned : oh where did the money in my tummy went ?????)

Weight loss update : I registered both to the gym and a program to lose weight (the healthy way). I try not to starve myself but I am craving food...It's just been 1 week and a half ...And, I am supposed to go through 40 weeks (OH LORD !!!!!). My home scale showed 170 lbs on Monday the 1st of June. Today I was weighing 165.2 lbs (program scale) which is too much a drop to be true (but scales are different...I know but I want to believe in fairies !!!).

Caro-Tinkerbell xxx


  1. Hi Caro :) OMG I must say this is such a gorgeous EOTD on you. Are you using a gold colour on your lid? I know the lady who inspired your look has gold on her lid but on you it looks peachy and it's actually really pretty on you. And you have great blending skills - what are you talking about?!! LOL
    I LOVE the polka dot top on you. So pretty and it's very flattering with your hairstyle here.
    It's good that you're not starving yourself...but are you craving food because you're not eating enough or because you're just not eating what you want to ideally eat? For me the culprit is eating out because I have so many clients and friends that take me out all the time for food and I'm not one to order salad at restaurants.

  2. You look amazing!

    Good luck to you. I am struggling too and should get my butt to the gym.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your jewelry and how you coordinate your makeup with it. You are so beautiful!

  4. Of course you're not blending like a 3 yo, you silly girl!

  5. That 2nd to last picture of you is GORGEOUS! Love that lippy too :)

  6. Love your jewelry!!And you look amazing too!!Hugs!

  7. Ok but what are the colors you used? Cause it looks really really pretty! I love your neutral looks. It just accentuates your pretty features so well.

    Good job on the health stuff!!!! :)Keep it up.

  8. Pretty look soft, and classy :)


  9. Love the look and the jewellery.

  10. @ Karen : My problem is not eating the food I want haha Raw carrots are not as appealing as a cupcake !

    @Lipstick rules : Such a shame we don't leave in the same city, we'd go to the gym together then a little haul may be to congratulate ourselves ;-0

    @ Zombie : you the Queen of color combo sying that ...You made My day...

    @ Musing : You must admit that meowmisu is the Queen of flawless look. Her make up is so on point EVERY TIME ....That's just the comparison that makes my make up looks clumsy when you compare !!!!

    @ Robyn : I know you love NYX (I saw you bought Hebe, such a gorgeous color !). Next time , add Ceto to your cart, really worth it IMO

    @ blushing : I am SO happy you're back !!!

    @ S and SN : brown copper color is from the Original Sleek palette, outer V : Carbon (MAC), Twinks (MAC) in the crease, Helium (Annabelle) as an highlight, blending with Wedge (MAC) wherever there was harsh lines. I keep it up but booooooooooo

    @Liloo : Thank you so much xxx

    Caro xxx

  11. @ Helen : I just suscribe to your blogs cause it seems we are always following the same bloggers...Thank you for commenting !

  12. Those colors look great on your eyes and accentuate your eyeshape nicely :)